Battle of moe vs mecha fans.

In my experience as an anime fan, I’ve come to this conclusion: most fans of moe are also fans of mecha but hardcore mecha fans just straight up hate moe/fanservice/lolicon/ecchi/whatever fetish and refuse to give it a chance. Why is that? Browsing many Japanese toy sites, I see that most of the ones who buy moe figures still buy mecha toys/plamo too. Is it that the western fandom has a hard time balancing both? I  know that most of the old timey fans got into anime  due to the plethora of sci-fi/mecha anime of the 70’s/80’s/early 90’s. Is it really just a generational thing like Daryl Surat said on the last bonus ep of AWO? How it it that I being a slightly western fan, have not come to the inclusion of jadedness and been enjoying much of what is being made now? Things to think about.


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2 responses to “Battle of moe vs mecha fans.

  1. TsukuyomiMagi99

    That’s what baffles me! You said in your NTR broadcast that you used to be a fan of old anime only and not a fan of new anime. I guess you have a open mind who says that you only have to like one genre of anime? Anime is a rich and diverse tapestry that offers everyone something that even the most jaded viewer will find interesting. The problem is many of them once they close of their minds their willingness to try new anime dissapears.

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