There, I watched Redline. Happy now?

Ok, so I FINALLY got to watching Redline. The anime movie that some have claimed or at least wanted it to be the miracle that’ll “save” anime. What was the verdict?

It was OK.

Actually there were some parts that had me saying that it’s pretty neat. I really enjoyed the art and animation. The aliens and car designs were unique and interesting. From the technical standpoint it lived up to hype BUT…

Those characters were quite one-dimensional. Some in the anime community like to say that many modern shows have one-dimensional personalities but this really had me not caring about the characters. I also found much of the dialogue inane . I’ve heard some say that there was humor to be had in what they say but I didn’t see it.

This anime did not punch me in my face. More like a tap on the cheek.

Not to give anything away for those that still haven’t seen it but that ending, really? It just ends after the race. No epilogue or anything. Not even the characters holding a trophy for winning.

I’m not saying that it was a wasted viewing experience. The mythic status that the film has built up is what got to me. That some feel that they aren’t being pandered to while complaining that the industry only panders to lonely otaku perverts (true it is but otaku are the one’s supporting the shows they like, so what do you expect?).

BTW, read this if you haven’t:

and this:

They pretty much share the same opinion I do on this movie.

P.S. Roboworld is the laziest name I’ve heard for a location.


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3 responses to “There, I watched Redline. Happy now?

  1. TsukuyomiMagi99

    Redline is overrated, to me it was nothing better than a decent action movie. What substance did it actually have? But what really irks me about me about this whole movie is that they think this is what is going to save the industry.

    It seems that all you have to do is give Americans a nostalgia sci-fi trip with pretty animation and they’ll eat it up. If any moe anime tried to do the same thing we’ll it would just be ignored and shunned. Do Americans hate moe that much that a simple (well animated) action movie can beat it. I call hypocrisy!

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