S%*T hits the fan for this anime fan.


What a way to start the new year, right?

Gee, thanks western anime fanbase for NOT supporting the shows you like on DVD/BD.

I was looking forward to the second season of K-ON!! and Nichijou (and my friend kgods was looking forward to the rest of Gundam Unicorn and Turn A). While it’s great that we live in a time where we as fans can download these shows and watch them, I still like to support the physical releases (and no, I won’t be buying any Japanese raped priced DVDs).

At the same time, me and many others have had to cut back on our spending of shows. Madoka Magica by Aniplex USA is still coming out ( you know I had to preorder that, but only the RE DVDs). Sentai Filmworks has some nice stuff coming (I still need to pick up MM! and Soredemo (And Yet the World Turns) is coming).

I guess change in the industry is inevitable. Still, I did my best to support Bandai Ent.’s release. I bought each individual volume of Lucky Star and the first season of K-On! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Although, the article does state that it won’t license anymore NEW anime. So, things like K-ON! S2 and the rest of Gundam Unicorn could still come out. Hopefully! I can live without Nichijou despite enjoying it but not having more K-On! is a crime.


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4 responses to “S%*T hits the fan for this anime fan.

  1. Honestly, I kinda saw this coming. Bandai hasn’t exactly been keeping up with the times as far as their DVD release methodology goes. I mean, they were sticking with individual DVD releases for their primary while everyone else was doing primarily box sets. I mean, they just finally released the full set of Code Geass (First series) earlier this year. Any other company would have released the entire thing in one set, or at the very least split the series in half for two releases.

    I really don’t have any sympathy for Bandai at this point. The only thing really lost are their licenses, and I’m sure most of them will get picked up by another company.

    Also Gundam Unicorn will be unaffected, as far as I’ve read up on the situation.

    • TsukuyomiMagi99

      Phew! I was worried about Unicorn not finishing here. I also have to agree with Anubis here they were being stubborn thinking that Japanese business practices would actually work over here. This move only proves how stubborn they are I just other Japanese don’t get the idea to eliminate the middle man so they can charge such insane prices for only two to three episodes. I can’t afford spending 80-100 bucks for three episodes of a series! If I am going to spend that kind of money, I better be getting at least 50% of the series!

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