The Secret Guardian.

Cybernetics Guardian was a 1989 OVA directed by Koichi Ohata (only WORKED on M.D. Geist but didn’t actually direct it until the second one). I was rewatching it and came to the notion that I’m kinda surprised this is totally ignored in the west. Japan I can understand because M.D. Geist nor Genocyber weren’t popular but in the west where anime made a name for itself as being hyper violent and  sex filled, this fits right in (at least in the violent department, but not much). Actually, the OVA feels light a two-hour movie that was cut down to 45 minutes. Still, this contains many of the things anime fans want in anime.


-Hellhole cyberpunk setting clearly inspired by Akira (even the city is called Cancer).

-Nudity (minor though).

-Highly detailed art with realistic character designs (limited animation though).



-Non existent plot (because now apparently REDLINE is the high watermark for anime storytelling for some).

You’d think with these things I listed that it’d be a cult classic of anime but today it’s totally forgotten and  can be had for like $5 since it’s an OOP DVD by CPM.

Hey, if things like this were still popular, Ohata-san would be doing more stuff like this instead of fanservice + fighting anime (gee, I thought he hated moe).



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7 responses to “The Secret Guardian.

  1. TsukuyomiMagi99

    I have never seen this movie though I have heard bad reviews on it. I am not sure what your point is here so correct me if I am wrong. Are you trying to say that the western community are hypocrites because they’ll give something that has no substance a fair shot as long as it caters to their taste or are you really baffled? If it’s the former, then I agree with you.

      • TsukuyomiMagi99

        Well I went and watched both Cyber Guardian and Genocyber and I have to say that the reviewers were right about Cyber Guardian IMO it’s bad. The plot is too rushed and would have been better if it were given some more time. The action sequences were bland and unappealing it just wasn’t a good OVA. Genocyber on the other hand was actually pretty good the plot was decent and the excessive gore didn’t bother me at all.

        After finishing Genocyber I thought to myself as hypocritical the western fandom is when it comes to violence and sexuality. I remember that Kodomo no Jikan was supposed to be released over here back in 2007 I think it was and at the last moment it was pulled because of it’s content. So kids being brutually slaughtered is okay but engaged in sexual matters isn’t? Either it should be all okay or none of it should be.

    • Well, children getting slaughtered doesn’t push the moral guardian buttons as much as children having sex.

      Genocyber I wanted like more but only the first and the second episode were passible. Little to no explanation as to what Genocyber really was given. Still it has a great OST too though.

  2. I have this on DVD. it came in the Mecha Masters Box Set, which I’m very proud of. M.D. Geist I & II , Cybernetics Guardian, and Genocyber . Only the high brow stuff for me =D . Still haven’t gotten around to watching this one yet. nice review though.

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