You lose some, you win some.

Despite the crumbling of the R1 industry one month into the new year, there’s at least SOME good news to be had. “Boku wa Sena has big tits” is being licensed, although one caveat, it’ll probably be a BD/DVD combo. I hate that shit. People only want one or the other. I don’t foresee me ever having a BD for quite some time (and I don’t play console games so no PS3 either). Still, this was an enjoyable show with nice fanservice and production design (first few eps were slow but I warmed up to it).

I wish Denpa Onna got licensed but it’s forgivable for now since the last ep isn’t even out in Japan.


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3 responses to “You lose some, you win some.

  1. You really should make your links accessible without having to copy/paste. It only takes like two seconds. As for Haganai getting licensed, I’ll take that thank you very much.

  2. TsukuyomiMagi99

    I understand how you feel I don’t have a blu-ray player just a DVD player and having 2 PS3’s break down on you in a month is very irritating imagine how much money I lost DX

    Anyways I really like Boku wa Tomadachi but I just spent the last of my money on the Madoka premium box set so I am broke till next payday but I ‘ll buy once I get around to it.

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