NTR Radio #2: It Insists Upon Itself




More of my nasally voice!

Also I was playing with a Transformer while talking, so you’ll hear that. Bad habit.


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2 responses to “NTR Radio #2: It Insists Upon Itself

  1. TsukuyomiMagi99

    First of all, Thank You very much for reading my email on the air! I am sorry if it was a little hard to read but I liked the way you guys fielded my question it was angle I hadn’t thought of before. It also seems we don’t like Redline for the same reasons the fanbase hyping the thing to ungodly levels. The day Redline is better than Evangelion is the day I eat my hat. It was a shallow film with pretty pictures that’s all! It has none of the substance of Evangelion or Madoka!

    Anyways good work on the broadcast and keep it up!

  2. TsukuyomiMagi99

    Sorry when you guys said Daisuke Sato’s works I meant Dai Sato just needed to correct myself!

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