NTR Radio #4: The “P” Word

Me, TEAnubis  and kgods talk about why the western fanbase can’t do anime reviews for shit. Also the dreaded word that’s used more than anything these days when talking about anime. My voice is improving, but not by that much.



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2 responses to “NTR Radio #4: The “P” Word

  1. TsukuyomiMagi99

    Wow! O__O was there some pent up rage with you guys that you choose to let loose on your podcast or what? Your last one was more upbeat and energetic this one seemed somewhat full of anger! Uh thanks though for addressing my response on the air as usual and I hope I am not annoying you guys with my questions. When you guys were talking about eva and about how there were pre-eva shows I was wondering if you VZMKII had seen Space Runaway Ideon a show that Anno drew parallels off of for his show Evangelion.

  2. I haven’t seen Ideon (yet). I’ll probably just see the compilation films due to time constraints .

    And keep the questions coming. Hopefully, we’ll get some from other listeners too.

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