King of the Beasts

My first vector trace of a screenshot. This being my one of my favorite Transformers, from my favorite episode, of my favorite scene.

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Even before I knew what anime was, I knew there was something was special about this particular episode of the original Transformers show. Masami Oobari directing it (I wouldn’t be surprised if he animated the scene about) explains a lot.

Look forward to more vector based drawings from screenshots from old shows I love.


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3 responses to “King of the Beasts

  1. tsukuyomimagi99

    Sugoii! ^.^ That is so cool looking! Please post more of your cool mechas! 😀
    Also, did Transformers start as an American or Japanese series? I am still confused @.@

  2. Thanks!

    Transformers started out like this:

    Hasbro saw that there were some robot toys in Japan, made by Takara (now TakaraTomy). Taking this designs, they had help with Marvel to help write the characters as they said they needed a reason for the robots to transform, ala to disguise on Earth and search for energy (a nod to the energy crisis of the 70’s). Animation was done mostly by Toei.

    LONG STORY SHORT-It’s started as an American project with help for the Japanese. Eventually when the show when off air, Japan would continue to do their own TF series (and almost became a dry run for the Brave series, with lots of combining robots and calling out your attacks style).

    Watch Transformers Masterforce if you want to see the best of the original Japanese produced series. You don’t really need to know much about the previous continuity except the basic Autobots=Good (Cybertrons in Japan) and Decepticons=Evil (Destrons in Japan). It’s getting a nice and inexpensive DVD release in May.

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