Lulz of the western fanbase.

One episode in, and certain people are already poo-pooping Upotte!! for things like “sexualizing young girls” and “glamorizing assault rifles” along with other nonsense. Really western fanbase? You complain about this stuff and then wonder why Japan ignores you and “panders” to their core otaku buyers.


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5 responses to “Lulz of the western fanbase.

  1. tsukuyomimagi99

    Sigh…westerners and their christian dogma strikes again. It’s so fustrating when you have to feel ashamed of what you like. I watched the first episode of Upotte and I liked it but I knew when the reviews came out that this was going to happen. I have said it before and I’ll say it again you aren’t going to win against the very morality of the western fanbase no matter what you say. The best you can do is just ignore them, I don’t like the fact that America is so hypocritically arrogant that they think they can force their values onto another country but that’s the way it is. Seriously why do you listen to these people when you know better? You know better then that.

    • When faced with this kind of thing, it’s very important to lend a dissenting opinion, if you feel the things being said are wrong. The only way we can actually contribute to the dialogue about this stuff is to let our opinion be known.

      Sure, what these reviewers are saying is dumb, but people still listen to them, and when the people who do look to both sides of the argument look at our side and we sit on our hands and say “we won’t dignify that with a response,” that paints their argument as having no opposition. We can’t afford to be the “silent” people of the anime community. If we want our fanbase and our anime to be treated with respect, we have to speak up.

    • “Sigh…westerners and their christian dogma strikes again.”

      That but generally when dealing with anime fans, it’s hyper-liberalism that I’m talking about. The “bad shit happens in the world, what can we do to prevent it” mindset.

  2. tsukuyomimagi99

    The “bad shit happens in the world, what can we do to prevent it” mindset.

    Ugh…I hate that belief of “We know what’s better for you than you do” it’s absurd when western fans try to force their values onto the japanese otaku’s because they have some sort of self righteous entitlement. We are lucky to get what we do get seeing as how anime was never intended for american audiences in the first place.

  3. scineram

    Actually, the shitstorm over Nazo no Kanojo X was even bigger, more annoying and sad, because that was unexpected. Upotte hate from those people was just business as usual.

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