Look who made the (anime) news!?

U mad, western fanbase?


This is one for the otaku history books folks. This question, I couldn’t just leave alone. It HAD to be responded.

What’s more surprising, the fact that my answer got on there or that it was the ONLY answer there?


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20 responses to “Look who made the (anime) news!?

  1. tsukuyomimagi99

    Congratulations VZMKII! I bow down to your wisdom oh mighty sage please teach us the ways of the force uh…I mean otakudom. What’s next you going to start your own Ask John column and provide insight into the anime worlds problems! If you did, I’d be your first customer! 😀

  2. That could be an interesting idea.

    • I would welcome a VZMK2 “Ask John”-style column. I think you not only have a particularly unique insight into anime, but you’re not afraid to speak out (As evidenced by your entry to the Answerman, whom I regrettably forgot to write in to).

  3. Oh god, this comment from their response thread:

    “I object to “otaku pandering”, because what I find it generally means is pandering aimed at a stereotypical group of men with immense disposable income, no social life, deep knowledge of 2chan in-jokes, and an emotional age of about 13.”


  4. OtakuAnthony

    When I saw your answer got I picked I said I can see the shit storm taht is going to occur as a result.

  5. Looks like you finally got on the infamous ‘Shit Otaku Say.’ *laughs*

  6. SpaniardGutarist

    what was the point if I do ask?

    i don’t mean to be too nosy.

  7. Real Spaniard guitarist not the fake one

    Seems like someone is impersonating me lmao.

  8. That sexual pandering has been a part of anime/manga. Those that deny that notion don’t know their history.

  9. You mean this blog. the other person that did a rant about me or ANN?

  10. Real Spaniard guitarist not the fake one

    Seriously though I wasn’t even aware that guy did that critique so it definitely wasn’t me who linked you to Roman’s work…it was just someone pretending to be me.

  11. Da Ze

    It was me.

    That’s a username I have on another site. Sorry SpaniardGutarist.

  12. How did you two Spaniard guitarist and Da Ze find my blog BTW? I don’t have it show up on google.

  13. Da Ze

    Well it was due to me reading this on another site. I felt I should bring it to your attention

    Sorry for any potential drama it may have caused,

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