Fake fans for Madoka Magica.

You know that I’m a huge Madoka Magica fan. Many anime fans are in fact.

But the problem are those (mostly the western fanbase, gee what a surprise) who are got into the show because of adjectives like dark or deconstruction. Many of these are the type that are praising studio SHAFT and Akiyuki Shinbo but are the same type who’d turn up their nose at the studio’s other work (like Hidamari Sketch) or worse, say that the studio and director are killing the anime industry with otaku fan pandering (there’s THAT word again).

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy Madoka for it’s serious elements but the main draw for Madoka originally was a.the studio, b.the director and c.Ume Aoki’s character designs. While many in the western fanbase have bought the anime, they’ll never really be what I’d consider true fans for it. They’ll never buy the figures. They’ll never look at fanart/doujins. They most certainly never truly have feelings of MOE for the characters.


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5 responses to “Fake fans for Madoka Magica.

  1. It’s pretty ironic how these “fans” minds work. It’s the same thing with Strike Witches “fans” who watch the show (or more likely read the light novels) for the military aspects, but not for the characters and fanservice, which they bitch about. They want it to be a generic, boring as fuck WWII drama.

  2. There’s fans of SW for the military aspect?

    • Yeah, but they are a small minority in comparison to the majority of the fans. They read the light novels because it doesn’t show pantsu, and bitch about how the girls don’t wear pants and too much yuri fanservice. They want it to turn into a more serious war show. I mean, I don’t have anything against the light novels, but seriously.

      • tsukuyomimagi99

        Nanoha fans work the same way it’s always annoying. They don’t care for the moe of the series they just want it to be mindless fastpaced over the top military and masculine violence. They also hate the fact that Nanoha Strikers didn’t have a dark atmosphere to it. It was too ‘happy’ and ‘idealistic’ for them. Here’s an example of these so called ‘fans’ of Nanoha. http://nanochan.org/board/kareha.pl/1317396152/

  3. I had to read this article again for some inspiration. Apparently now, the same idiots who want Strike Witches to be a more “militaristic” anime are now praising Girls Und Panzer for not having any panty shots in it. They say stupid shit like “This how Strike Witches would’ve been if they didn’t have that Takamura guy involved,” or “Overall, I thought it was alright. I don’t recall seeing any random panty shots either, which is a good sign.” These are the same idiots bitching about Vividred Operation having too many ass shots despite the only thing being released was the trailer. And they wear shorts, or pants, or whatever.


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