The curse of Nagi.

I decided to rewatch Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maidens, a 2008 anime by A-1 Pictures. I’m not going to really go into what the show was about other than Nagi was a goddess, much like a certain other anime that was riding high in popularity at the time. I will however, offer some observations.

-Unlike other goddess characters that are usually big breasted and polite Yamato Nadeshiko (which is fine), Nagi is flat chested and acts just like a bratty teenager.

-I still love that piece of BGM called “Hajimari”. It was used on the original trailer for the show.

-Episode two has unusually fluid animation, like movie quality.

-Episode ten used to be my favorite, now it’s the second (the second is my favorite). I still like the karaoke songs, along with the Lucky Star cast making an guest appearance (sort of). Speaking of which.

-Yamakan (Yutaka Yamamoto) sure was bitter after having been removed from directing Lucky Star after the first four eps of that. I thought the guy was good at his job with the directing here but it seems after that he couldn’t direct a likable show to save his life (ok, he was a supervisor on the Black Rock Shooter OVA). I think Fractale might have killed have career from how bad it sold.

-Kannagi as a franchise just can’t get a break.

1.Show only got one season although there’s recently been interest in doing more (I doubt it but we’ll see).

2.The manga had a certain reveal that made certain otaku really mad (boo hoo, so Nagi had a boyfriend previously). There’s a pic of one guy who tore up all six volumes.

3. Coincidentally, the mangaka (a female) got ill shortly after and the manga was on hiatus for a while (some even speculated that she wasn’t really sick, just wanted to avoid the controversy of what happened above). Glad she’s able to continue.

4.The U.S. DVD release was an online retailer exclusive, sub only. I have it!

5. The manga release was cut short after three volumes (where the anime ends) due to Bandai Ent.’s pulling out of the market. Shame because I’d like to have seen past what happened in the anime plus, the thing that sent off the otaku. I have the three volumes.

6.The town that the story takes place was quite damaged due to tsunami in Japan last year.

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