I’m here for you girls!

Rewatching all of K-ON!, this scene at ep.20 of the second season still gets to me.


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3 responses to “I’m here for you girls!

  1. Oh fuck. This is one of those moments from the show that just gets to me every time I watch. And this is coming from someone whose not that big a K-On! fan.

  2. Yeah if that doesn’t get to you, you’re not human…which I suspect the anti-moe brigade of not being.

  3. tsukuyomimagi99

    I remember this moment, I literally had tears flowing from my eyes. To think of all the time they’ve spent together and now life gets in the way. Such cruelty is something I know all to well and so I can relate. And the anti-moe brigade says moe doesn’t have any characterization! If you care about the characters then Kakifly is doing something right.

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