Koji Kumeta-Comedy genius.

While manga is full of political and social commentary, in anime it barely exists. Not surprising as otaku make up the bulk of anime purchases and the stresses of real life are the last thing they want to hear. Oh, there are people like Hayao Miyazaki who has the subtlety of a brick to the face when it comes to environmental issues or the late Satoshi Kon who can be considered a self loathing otaku (seriously, I probably understand Perfect Blue more that most film critic types that have seen it), but usually it’s not something that’s to be had in anime, ESPECIALLY late night oriented anime. You’re just not really going to find a Japanese equivalent of South Park or Family Guy.

That’s where Koji Kumeta comes in. He’s discovered the magic formula of getting otaku audience interested in political/societal humor, by making the majority of his characters into girls! Some out there would probably consider this “fan pandering” (oh that overused buzz word) but I consider this genius. Let’s examine the three series of his that are based on his manga (for Joshiraku, he’s only the writer) in the way I like to, with screecaps!

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei:

Taking a shot at “Superflat” crap that’s taken seriously everywhere EXCEPT Japan.

Playing off the indicative era of character design styles.

Katte Ni Kaizou:

We are believe that Koji Kumeta looks like this. An overworked, underpaid manga artist with perma-stubble.

Otaku audience deprecating humor  at its finest.


They were talking about Halloween being an American holiday.

Hey look, it’s US.

This message appears in almost every episode.

One of these girls is underage (or pretending to be to retain the being cute).

Um what?

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