Rebuild of VZMk2: I am (not) alone.

I finally have access to my own computer. Set up in my bedroom, it’s where I’ll be hanging out until the basement is fixed.

While I lost my books and nearly all of my drawings , I haven’t lost my otaku spirit. That will never be broken.

Things have been returning slowly to normal. While I’ll never get back certain books (oh how I morn the loss of my Artmic Studio book from 1987), I’ve been ordering some artbooks and the manga I care about (Hidamari Sketch and K-On).

In the meanwhile I’ve been cleaning my mind boggling amount of toys. Most of it will be as if nothing happened but others have significant damage (the salt water caused corrosion on my shiny Hyaku Shiki chogokin. Eh, I’ll pretend it’s battle damaged).

Otherwise, I’m doing good. There won’t be any art uploaded for quite so in the meanwhile I’ll relaxed my brain with anime, which I need to do badly. I have to remember that I’m considered one of the lucky ones. Many have lost their entire homes and there’s still some who have no power.

Thanks for all the support guys!

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  1. Glad to know that you’re OK. Sorry for the lost of your things though. But that won’t put out the fire of the otaku spirit. I’m trying to look for some other shows from the past year to watch, yet I’ve been stuck with a lot of school related work.

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