Akiyuki Shinbo kicks the western fanbase in the nuts!


“The character Erio is a bit of a hikikomori. Lately, it seems that the darker side of otaku culture, including NEETs, hikikomori, and those with unhealthy obsessions, have a greater presence in recent anime. What do you want otaku viewers, particularly those prone to this sort of lifestyle, to get out of your works?”

“The very first idea that I want to share is, “Who cares if you are a hikikomori?” If I didn’t have this job I, too, may have become a NEET. I thought that it would be nice if people, including myself, could step out and do something…but at the same time, who cares if you can’t take that very first step yet? What’s wrong with not taking it?”


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One response to “Akiyuki Shinbo kicks the western fanbase in the nuts!

  1. TsukuyomiMagi99

    May Madokami bless this man someone out there actually gets us! Also it’s because of our “unhealthy obsessions” that give people like Shinbo more work! You’re fucking awesome Shinbo keep up the good work!

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