Hidamari Sketch:More moe mania!


It’s probably going to be an OVA or  two episode special like they always do.


But check out one of the haters in the comments section:

“this just in….more moes**t get more anime adaptions while manga with plot get to collect dust.
later at 10:30, even more moes**t get anime adaptions.”

This is the western fanbase folks. The anti-moe brigade. Like Japan is sudden;y going to stop making what THEY want to see and make things for an audience that never actually buys anything.

Speaking of Hidamari, look who’s getting a figma:


I had to cut back dramatically but I vow to get every Hidamari Skettch figma.


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2 responses to “Hidamari Sketch:More moe mania!

  1. More Hidamari is also welcome. See, I’m ok with it unlike that thundercunt who says otherwise.

    BTW, mind if I use that quote for one of my later rants?

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