A Tale of Two Bads.

Okamine TamaeOkay so I decided to take a look at two anime shows of this season that have both been causing some controversy. The first is Date A Live, a show that takes a large helping of various tropes but doesn’t deliver on a single one. I really can’t stand shows that can’t decide what genre they are or if they’re meant to be serious or comedic. On paper I should have enjoyed this, it has mecha musume that are reminiscent of last year’s excellent Busou Shinki but unlike that show this its half assed and thrown in for no reason. The plot itself make no sense. At least there’s a cute glasses wearing teacher in it I liked.

1365305586341The other show ooooooohhhhhhh boy, is Flowers of Evil. Quite possibly one of the most pretentious piles of rancid shit I’ve seen in years. I know using the word pretentious has lost all meaning on the internet but this show truly warrants that label. It really thinks it’s being deep and edgy but it’s mostly a haze of horrible boredom. The art is the most egregious thing about it. While the backgrounds are well detailed (approach Kyoani’s level of attention for realism in their backgrounds) the characters themselves are an awful use of rotoscoped mush. At one point have no detail on their faces until they walk up close and then OH MY GOD the horror which at that point they might as well have made the thing actually live action, at least the uncanny valley wouldn’t have been apparent. I seriously hope this just cancelled before finishing its 13 episode run.

So while both are bad shows, their bad for different reasons. If I was strapped to a chair and forced to watch one over the other, Date A LIve would have to be it cause at least there’s that cute teacher, although the other show may provide many lulz at how atrociously awful it is.


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2 responses to “A Tale of Two Bads.

  1. Unsurprisingly, ANN is eating Flowers of Evil up. What’s funny is that these types of people are shitting on Date A Live for being intentionally ridiculous, but are giving high praise to Flowers of Evil for being intentionally unpleasant and ugly.

    It’s this entire mentality that says “different=better,” that, just because something goes against the status quo, it’s automatically better than things that go with the grain, and that’s one thing I hate about art. It’s this “postmodernism” thing where art is born out of nothing else but a rejection of other forms of art and is made deliberately to be unpleasant because of that. This is the same problem I had with Redline, where it was really big among the Anti-Moe Brigade because it was different from contemporary anime, and nothing more.

    Luckily, given the Anti-Moe Brigade’s track record, they’ll only be real big on it for the duration of this anime season, if that.

    • So my predictions were correct after all. But yeah I’m in agreement with both Anubis and VZ on this. Not to mention that the whole rotoscoping is nothing but lazy in terms of animation quality. No effort put into it whatsoever.

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