The “isms” of the anime fandom.



-Be less of a Chihaya and more of a Yayoi.

Lately, I’ve been really getting annoyed at the various “isms” that have been plaguing the western fandom.

The first is pessimism. This notion that the “sky is falling” constantly. They feel that everything they hold dear is one on the verge of collapse. Whatever it may be. The industry collapsing, the notion that “x’ is killing “y”, that lolicon will be banned in Japan. It gets highly irritating after a while and I feel people that say such things are usually the pessimistic type regarding life in general.

The other is cynicism. The notion that one has to not only NOT like anything that’s positive or NOT dark but that the industry is someone only in it to be cynical. I laugh whenever I hear the words “cynical cash grab”. This opinion that nothing is created generally because they happen to love what they’re doing is also pervasive in the western fandom, usually by those who can’t like anything that makes them feel good.

What I’m getting at is, I want POSITIVE THINKING!

Things haven’t been better than now IMO for anime. Just this week alone saw the following:

-Oreimo’s light novel got the ending I wanting

-Yuru Yuri finally got license and by the best possible company too (NISA).

-A certain show is rumored to get a 3’d season.

-Chu2 movie (even if it’s a recap, it still shows the success of the franchise).

Plus a whole slew of great shows are coming out next season (possibly the best of the year).

What more do you want people?


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2 responses to “The “isms” of the anime fandom.

  1. drawingirl94

    EXACTLY. Thank you. I’m just about fucking sick of all this cynicism and pessimism from the western fanbase. It’s annoying. But to be honest, I think it’s a cultural thing. I always say that western fans and Japanese fans watch cartoons for different reasons. The Japanese watch cartoons to escape from reality, while the western folk generally watch cartoons to see a commentary of reality. But unfortunately, this “commentary” always results in the product they want to be “dark” and “gritty”. This is the reason why I love shows like Clannad and K-ON. They are exactly the type of optimism I’d like to see more of, quite frankly. Unfortunately, their optimism seems to have resulted in hatred from certain people online. Western fanbase, you could benefit from lightening the fuck up.

  2. The Western fanbase seems to have an infatuation with cynicism, pessimism, and negativity in general. Part of the reason cynicism is so pervasive is because, in our society, cynics are looked upon as experienced people (Experienced enough with a subject to have grown callous and jaded toward it) and so a lot of people develop a cynical mindset because a lot of other people find cynicism valuable.

    A lot of people in the Western fanbase also clamour for more cynical “social commentary” anime, which are usually dull, boring, and come off as the sort of lightweight adolescent misanthropy that most people grow out of by the time they finish high school. We have a bunch of cynical people conversing with other cynical people and consuming cynical media for no reason other than to justify their own cynicism.

    As for pessimism, I think another issue related to that is people overreacting to and dwelling on things that are simply beyond their control. Sometimes, all you can do is wait and see, and that’s especially true for fans of another country’s visual culture.

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