I LOVE being pandered to!

Guess which one’s gonna be my favorite? If you can’t, you don’t know me very well. One of the tags should give a clue.


Dem character designs.


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2 responses to “I LOVE being pandered to!

  1. Love Lab is looking really promising.

    And I do hope that next season will be awesome. This season was sort of lackluster. (Even though I’m giving Ore ga Iru and Henneko a try. I’m not sure if they’re good though.)

  2. drawingirl94

    I enjoy being pandered to as well. And this looks pretty interesting. Although Tokurei Sochi Dantai Stella Jo-Gakuin Koutou-ka C3-Bu, the remake of Rozen Maiden, and Kin’iro Mosaic are the ones I’m looking forward to the most. But I’d like to see how this one plays out. It looks really well animated.

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