Summer “o” fun!


While I knew this season would be great, I didn’t think it would surpass fall 2012 (the last great anime season I felt). Here’s everything I’m watching:

Monogatari Second Season-Off to a great start. I love that it’s a going 2 cour show.

RO-KYU-BU! SS-Also off to great start. Lolis in bike shorts DO I NEED TO SAY MORE!

Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3-Woosh that’s a long ass title. I did really enjoyed I especially how cute the expression were on the faces of these girls. I like the way they acknowledge the characters being weird. Timeenforcer Anubis is in heaven with this.

Servant x Service-Since it’s from the same mangaka and studio as WORKING!!, of course I’d enjoy it. Lucy is great!

Love Lab-Ah yes, the pandering to VZMk2 show I jokingly say. It met my expectations especially Suzu the meganekko (even though she was barely in the first ep). I’m addicted to the catchy as hell OP. Probably my favorite of the season that isn’t a sequel.

Kin’iro Mosaic-I knew I’d like this holy shit I didn’t think the show would be THIS DAMN CUTE! It’s moe on overdrive folks.

Watamote-This was the surprise of season. I was never a part of the western fanbase that knew about the manga beforehand so I had little idea what to expect. Just like Joshiraku last yeah, this is exactly the right way to do social commentary in anime (Satoshi Kon was the wrong way because telling your audience you’re horrible people gets you no favors). This too indeed moe but in a different light. You empathize with Tomoko so much because she’s exactly like the viewer (and me) in school.. She’s not outwardly cute but you still want to befriend her and tell her you understand.

What I dropped:

Free! (aka Fujoshi Really Enthusiastically Excited)-HAHAHAHA . Actually if they stayed with their shota flashback selves I could have liked it but as it is it’s not meant for me. Really though, it was just so boring was what it was.

Kitakubu Katsudō Kiroku (Chronicles of the Going Home Club)-Good god was this lousy. It’s trying so hard to be like K-ON! (Main girl looks like Ritsu with her hair down and the worst ahoge ever, one like Yui, one like Tsumugi, one like Mio, and one like Azusa but with blonde hair) but without the Kyoani magic and talent that made that a special show.

Rozen Maiden Rewind-People still care about Rozen Maiden? I mean I did enjoy it and yeas own both seasons but this felt so unnecessary. I do like the production values (almost movie quality) but  the wegottarecapeverthingthathappenedintheoriginalshowbecausetheaudiencemaynotbefamiliarwiththesecharactersandholyshittwoofthedollsarealreadydeadWTFjusthappened was quite aggravating. Maybe if the other shows I’m watching weren’t so good I’d continue but I can only watch SO much which is why I tend to do the one-two ep dropped test.

I haven’t seen the new Milky Holmes yet but I’m not hopeful it’ll be as funny as the two original seasons. I might check out Neptunia as well.

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