Biting the hand that feeds you.

Zac the social justice warrior


Maybe because all you do is bash and belittle their shows, it’s no wonder the studios aren’t sending their show info for ANN’s anime spotlight. Putting your personal political view is not the proper way to review anime. I’m glad other people are calling out this social justice bullshit because it has no place there.

I really hope Gainax does see this and says “goodbye western market, you mean nothing to us now”, but then I want to Sentai’s license of Stella actually come to DVD/BD in the future.


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12 responses to “Biting the hand that feeds you.

  1. Ugh, I just want that thundercunt to loose his job for good. His shitty previews and his childish tweets about C3-Bu only goes to prove he needs to have his ego absolutely shattered to a degree where it can’t be restored, repaired or replace.

    Now excuse me while I watch some Yuruyuri to get this assclown’s thoughts out of my head.

  2. I love how he is being called out about on this on the thread for the preview guide. It is one of the few times I will agree wit the forum uses on ANN.

  3. The review proper, for reference:

    #1: It is never appropriate to include half-baked political opinions in an anime review. All that does is render the review useless to anybody but those who think exactly like Zac does.

    #2: People who can’t get over themselves and give a proper review to a work regardless of whether or not it offends their oh-so-sensitive political sensibilities should not be reviewing media. Full stop.

    #3: Japan’s “gun culture” is a world different from American “gun culture,” and that’s something that is bound to be reflected in Japanese media, and should be taken into account. These shows were not created with Western politics in mind, and it’s not fair to expect them to adhere to Western political sensibilities.

    #4: Airsoft is a perfectly reasonable sport for teenagers to play, as long as it’s played safely. C3-bu portrays safe Airsoft play very accurately. Eye protection is worn, which is the minimum, but the girls even have elbow and knee pads.

    #5: “All I could do was hope that at some point there’s a storyline where one of the girls takes home a super-realistic airsoft pistol, leaves the safety off and her little sister finds it and accidentally shoots herself in the head with it. At least that would be a responsible portrayal of what happens when you allow teenagers and children to get obsessed with and fetishize guns to this extent.”

    Getting shot in the head with an Airsoft gun will, at most, hurt for 15 seconds. It won’t even leave a mark. I know, I’ve played Airsoft and have been hit in the head. The face, in fact. I realize that this is Zac’s hamfisted attempt to shoehorn in a major gun debate talking point to further his battle against the “gun culture” that he thinks this show promotes, but his significant lack of perspective and blatant, unapologetic willful ignorance in favor of promoting a political agenda through cartoon reviews shines brightly in this line.

  4. Heh, those twitter comments make Zac look like a raging 12 year old on LoL after loosing a Bronze V match. All that is missing is him spamming “OMG NOOB REPORTED” in all chat (sorry just got off playing LoL myself). What makes this sad is that it isn’t some random immature gamer with an attitude problem, but someone with a lot of sway and influence within the Western Anime Fandom. Despicable.

    Sure gun politics in America are complex and highly emotional, but there is one problem about getting angry about it in this case. Its that this show wasn’t even made for an American audience in the first place godamnit! Placing American political and moral views on guns on a show which depicts Japanese people with Airsoft (not even actual powder-based weapons, but toys mind you) guns and that was made for a Japanese viewership is hopelessly misguided even when putting it politely. Gainax does not have any obligation to censor itself according to another land’s cultural hangups, nor does any other producer of media for that matter. When American cartoons have Americans as the intended audience and create the content within the show with that in mind, no one raises as much as a hair on their eyebrow. Why does that attitude suddenly change when media from Japan is involved?

    I doubt that Zac is a professional most of the time given how he acts, but at the end of the day this is his job and it requires professionalism. Bringing political matters these articles when he is being payed for it is already poor form, bringing political matters and cultural baggage into a completely different local’s media is selfish and narrow minded, to say the very least.

    Zac also must realize that this is a different Gainax than the Evangelion, FLCL, Gurren Lagaan and Panty & Stocking Gainax. The people who worked on those shows have since moved on to form Studio TRIGGER. Expecting them to be the same is foolish and stupid. Know what you are getting yourself into before you start complaining.

  5. Holy shit… I don’t know much about this Zac guy, but he seems just as bad, if not worse than the people I used to follow. Why exactly does this guy have such a huge influence? He doesn’t seem very likable enough to even follow to begin with. He’s a bit hypocritical too, isn’t he? When he talked with Anubis, he said he learned a lot and yet it doesn’t seem like he changed a lot. Thank god I don’t want to spend much time thinking about these jerks anymore.

    • He surrounded himself with a few but very influential group of pseudo otaku who all run facets of anime journalism (especially Daryl Surat). Thus this is why it’s so important that the moe fandom in the west start countering this and share upon their love for moe/ecchi/loli/whatever those people hate and not be influenced by these armchair social justice warriors.

      • drawingirl94

        Dammit, I need to stop using my private blog to comment on things…

        But yeah, it’s hard, though. As I said before in my blog, thinking about these people makes me depressed. I can’t stand how negative these guys are. But I do agree that it’s important to talk about these things. Which is why when I feel better, I’m definitely going to talk about it. Not necessarily defending myself, but just discussing my perspective on moe.

      • That’s the spirit! I know we all want to run away from the problem but I feel we need to face the issue (which in this case is the anti-moe sentiment in the fandom) if we want it to change.

        Part of my disdain for Zac at the heart of it is his lack of passion. Just listening to him you get the notion he really doesn’t like what he’s doing and even give off that atrocious sarcastic laugh. Plus the worst of it is the Japanese representatives were not fond of his reviews and he told them to fuck off.

      • drawingirl94

        Really? Did he really say that to them? When was this? Talk about disrespectful…

      • I read (maybe heard on his ANNcast) that yeah, JP executives weren’t fond of his negative reviews and he said he’s reviews are meant for western fans with western sensibilities, which to me is basically telling them to screw themselves.

      • drawingirl94

        It seems to me like he doesn’t understand that anime in general is created by Japanese people for a Japanese audience and therefore is created using a Japanese perspective. That doesn’t mean one can’t have an opinion of these shows, it means that when critiquing these shows, one should keep in mind who is making these and why they are making them. Then again, it’s possible that they do know this, they just don’t care. I remember watching a negative review of K-ON on YouTube a while back, and when a commenter called the guy out on his BS saying that K-ON is SUPPOSED to be a moeblob show, he said something along the lines of, “I know that, but that doesn’t make it okay.” That proves to me that most Western reviewers are way too biased to review things. If it’s the artist’s intentions to make a show with moeblob characters, then it should be critiqued as such. If you are disapproving of that, then it’s not the show that has a problem, it’s you because you just personally don’t like it.

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