End of summer rant.

Yuzuko glasses

“I happen to be an expert on this topic.”

I’d like to bring up another notion the western fanbase won’t shut up about. The way anime is produced and marketed.

To me, you need to think of it as a game. A game has rules. You may not like the rules but the rules are to be followed. The rules for anime are as followed: in order for a show to be profitable, a DVD/BD has to be $60-80 for the equivalent of 2-3 episodes. That’s it! No complaining, no whining. It’s that way because it works for the Japanese market. It’d only change when NOBODY supports any release, which isn’t happening because they are still buying.

You might be saying to yourself “yeah but I’m not Japanese but I still want to support it.” Well then it’s your duty to buy the R1 DVD/BD release. No, you don’t have to buy EVERY show you like but then don’t make up arbitrary reasons to not support it (like complaining that the sub font is yellow or something). While there can be bad release which you need not support, it’s important to show that yes, the market in the west does matter. Despite what some say, buying anime DOES support the Japanese industry. The key is not to wait forever when a show is out of print to RE rereleased to the point where it won’t matter where the money goes to.

Another point I want to talk about is fake intellectualism. There are people who exist out there that really believe you are a better person by the cartoons you watch. The idea that “I’m a better nerd than you because I like Flowers of Evil” is just another case of nerd hierarchy. Then there’s those that feel that I must hide my nerdom from others, even other nerds. To see what I mean, go to ->http://youtu.be/sb4fCvYDa94?t=26m

Oh, and let’s not forget those that complain about others that want to be like the Japanese otaku. Because that’s a bad thing to be like the actual consumer base for anime, right?


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6 responses to “End of summer rant.

  1. TsukuyomiMagi99

    Hear, Hear! Somebody in the western fandom is actually making sense! Come one, come all!

  2. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  3. drawingirl94

    I tend to prefer to import anime DVDs/BDs from Japan. Not only do they come with better looking picture and better sounding audio, but they also come with neat artwork and extras, AND you have a guarantee that there isn’t any changes or edits made, such as changing the opening credits to English, or sometimes even changing the music (I’m looking at you, North American releases of K-ON and Higashi no Eden). I thought it was silly at first that I had to pay $70 just for two episodes, and it’ll probably take up way too much space too, but when I looked at how much awesome content the disks have (seriously, what North American release is going to include a book containing the ENTIRE storyboards for the movie?), I thought that paying up all that money would totally be worth it. So, I import things to support the industry, and for collection purposes. But I still try to support the North American anime industry by watching anime on streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu.

    • Nothing wrong with getting the Jp release of a show if you have the means to do it. I’m just saying it’s not the only option for supporting/owning a show.

      • drawingirl94

        Oh, absolutely. Sometimes I still buy the North American releases because I just can’t afford to buy the Japanese release.

  4. i couldn’t have said it better myself, if you want to support something you love, you should support it! don’t complain about it. I am not saying people need to blindly support all anime, no that would make anyone broke. But you should still be able to support things you love. people don’t bitch or complain spending $60 on a new video game when it releases if they want it. hell put the two side by side and compair them. for $60 you can get a 13-15 episode set from funi or sentai. that’s about 375min (about 6.25 hours) of entertainment with possible re-watchability. Activsion released genaric gritty realistic shooter 50 which has a single player mode that equates to about 4 hours of game play. What’s a better value? but the thing that drives me the craziest is people who pirate or torrent there anime and say it’s apart of there “Collection”. that’s not a collection that’s theft and it belittles anyone who actualy is trying to support an industry they love, and who have worked hard to build there collections.

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