More Tamako Market from Kyoani and more Haruhi not from Kyoani.

Hey, I enjoyed Tamako so I’m cool with this.

How’s that dead horse that’s been beaten to death? Actually, this could be good since I liked the alternate Yuki from the Haruhi movie  anyway.


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7 responses to “More Tamako Market from Kyoani and more Haruhi not from Kyoani.

  1. drawingirl94

    How exactly is that beating a dead horse if it’s just a spinoff? I actually think more Haruhi is always welcome.

    • Because it’s more Haruhi, a franchise that Kyoani decide was better to retire on a high note rather than having it continue on and get stale.

      I’m not hating this mind you, I just prefer franchises having finishes even if the LN is still going. And as I said, it’s alt world Yuki so it could still have some value for me.

      • drawingirl94

        Did KyoAni say it was the end for Haruhi with Disappearance? I don’t recall that. I’m of a different mindset, though. I prefer an anime to stay as close to the length of the original source material as possible, and I think there could be a lot of potential with adapting the rest of the novels, but that’s just me. I dunno, Haruhi means a lot to me because it was one of the first anime I watched when I was starting to become an anime fan, so maybe I’m just being biased.

      • There”s been much more LN material past Disappearance of Haruhi. There’s that Anti-SOS club IIRC.

      • drawingirl94

        I know. That’s why I think there could be a lot more potential in adapting that in anime form, but I could be wrong, and it could just come from a completely biased perspective.

      • Well as I said, it’s been smart of Kyoani not to continue Haruhi (same goes for K-On!) because they unlike most other studios when something needs to end on a high note rather than when the LN/manga ends.

      • drawingirl94

        Well, I guess it’s good for not allowing a show to grow stale, but for Haruhi (I completely agree with K-ON, though), it could leave some people with a lot more questions than answers. Sure, you could say, “Well, if you want to know what happens next, read the LN,” but wouldn’t that just make the anime just a commercial for the LN, albeit a really damn good one?

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