Anime license wishlist 2013.

Nowhere the level as in the past (since nearly everything gets licensed these days) but there’s still a couple of shows I hope to see western BD/DVD releases.

1.Kanamemo (yep still after all these years)

2.The Idolm@ster (the actual one, not Xenoglossia shit).

3.Love Lab (hoping NISA picks this one since they’ve released both seasons of Yuru Yuri on BD).


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3 responses to “Anime license wishlist 2013.

  1. drawingirl94

    Personally, I’d like to see a US rerelease of Urusei Yatsura on BD. My boyfriend especially would be pleased with that.

    • Ah yes.

      If we’re talking about old anime, I’d like to see a U.S. release for the BD of Hades project Zeorymer. Also Megazone 23, Gall Force, Machine Robo, Iczer-1 and Dangaioh would all benefit in HD.

      • drawingirl94

        I’d also like to see Evangelion on blu-ray. But knowing the popularity of that show, I’m sure it inevitably will.

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