“You kids with your fanservice and your pandering!”


Why do you even care about the industry, didn’t you announce your retirement? Scratch that, do even actually care about people? Didn’t he once say he wished Tokyo were under the ocean due to the environment.

Go take your old man medicine, you senile loon.

The best anime will be for otaku, by otaku!


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12 responses to ““You kids with your fanservice and your pandering!”

  1. drawingirl94

    It takes a lot of balls to say Miyazaki is a douchebag, but I’m sure even great directors have their faults. I didn’t know Miyazaki was so anti-otaku, but it doesn’t matter to me, personally. I’ll still support his creations, even if I don’t agree with his opinions, because his movies were one of my first introductions to anime as a child. I don’t think anyone can take that away from me, not even someone who doesn’t like otaku.

    • Which is ironic seeing as he kinda pioneered moe (see Castle of Cagliostro or Kiki’s Delivery Service). Oh and I’m been ragging on Miyazaki for YEARS.

      • drawingirl94

        Yeah, that’s a good point. I have heard that he REALLY doesn’t like it when people make doujins about his characters. I understand that he doesn’t like the idea of sexualizing young girls, maybe because he has more conservative views about sexuality (I assume), but he needs to realize that times have changed and the fans have changed. He doesn’t have to like it, but I think he should at least accept it. Humans are going to sexualize anything because that’s in our nature. As the Japanese say, “Shikata ga nai.” (“It can’t be helped.”)

  2. Which is also ironic as he’s a socialist. Basically, he hates modern Japan (am certain he’s not fond of America too).

    He doesn’t even enjoy the company of his own son. Yeah, some role model the western fanbase sure latched on to.

  3. Also I bet he faps (if he can even get it up) to the Unabomber’s Manifesto.

    • drawingirl94

      That’s too bad. It’s a shame when you find out the people who did things you admired as a child do things like that, but that’s life. I mean, lots of my childhood heroes did things I don’t agree with, so I guess Miyazaki is no different.

      • I see what you mean. For example like many nerds, I grew up on Star Wars and saw George Lucas as an artistic visionary. Today I see him mostly as a hypocrite and a sellout.

      • drawingirl94

        Yeah. For me, I have been a life long fan of American animation, long before I was an anime fan. I grew up on the Disney movies and Looney Tunes. When I found out they’ve made some racially insensitive cartoons, it was really upsetting. I even heard Walt Disney was an anti-Semitic.

  4. Been away from the internet for a few days, only to find o’ man Miyazaki saying silly stuff again.

    As much as I love his classic films, the dude’s obviously out of touch when it comes to modern anime. I’m also not bought on this stance on moe, given that it’s obvious that moe characters DO have depth to them and have more to them than just being there to sell something.

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