So Redline saved anime huh?


There’s the legacy of the western fanbase/anti-moe brigade’s anime messiah folks. It’s almost beautiful to see how spectacularly it crashed and burned not just in Japan (like I knew it would), but here in the U.S. too. Still available years later on BD/DVD and marked down to ridiculously low prices.. Meanwhile for all the whining about the prices for Aniplex’s anime,  the first two Madoka Magica movies are completely sold out.


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5 responses to “So Redline saved anime huh?

  1. Wow. Exactly how bad did it do?

    • I knew in Japan it came and yet with no fanfare. The BD was in the top chart for about a week but other than that it wasn’t a hit.

      As for here, the fact that it’s readily available years after release and heavily discounted tell you how poorly it performed.

    • Well The director, heck most of the people who use to work at Madhouse aren’t there anymore. Manga Ent., yeah, they’re such a non entity there the only R1 anime company I’d wish would go out of business.

  2. drawingirl94

    Heh… I actually liked Redline, so I’ll probably be the only person who’s going to buy it.

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