OVA overload!



First bit of news is that Strike Witches is getting three 30 minute OVAs about what happened to the characters between the second season and the movie.



The second bit of news that the new Yuru Yuri anime is to be an OVA.


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3 responses to “OVA overload!

  1. Quite a shame that the new YuruYuri anime’s just an OVA. I want a full-fledged third season.

    • Depends if there’s enough manga to make a third season. I know there’s enough for Dogakobo to animate another season for Love Lab (crosses fingers).

  2. drawingirl94

    I’m just glad Yuru Yuri is getting more anime at all. I’m also glad that Strike Witches is getting three OVAs instead of just one. This oughta be exciting.

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