Down the rabbit hole.

This season is more or less done with the exception of Nisekoi which will continue for 20 episodes.

Honestly next season will be quite light for me and that’s and good thing. All I plan to watch is the following:

Gochumon wa Usagu Desu ka? (Is the order a rabbit?)- SOL moe show which a similar vibe to Kiniro Mosaic (I saw some artwork for this show with crossover of Kiniro Mosaic characters and I’m still trying to find the connection. Not the same mangaka nor studio so for now it’s a mystery).

Love Live! S2- Great idol show from last year (unlike a certain currently idol show which crashed and burned early on).

Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou (The Cute Complex Guide to Manners and Hostile Behavior)- I got to be honest, the premise nor the design work is reeling me in. The ONLY reason I’m going to check it out is due to the fact that the mangaka is the same as Love Lab. If it’s half as funny as that show was then maybe it’ll be a keeper but I tell you now half the magic of that show was the studio Dogakobo (which BTW I hear they’re not the ones animating the Yuru Yuri OVA but the studio that just did Imocho did, but this is only a rumor so I can’t confirm this bit of info just yet).

Other than Hanamonogatari (which will be a month-long and in May) and of course the last Gundam Unicorn ep there’s on the horizon for the Spring season. Anything else I’ll have to hear word of mouth if it’s worth my time or not.

Edit-I was correct about the Yuru Yuri OVA being from a different studio but it’s not the one that did Imocho. The Imocho infor was because it’s the same director as that. MAYBE it’ll be good but I’ll reserve judgement until a trailer is shown.

I really hope that by Dogakobo passing on doing more Yuru Yuri (which honestly the ending of the second season was sufficient) that MAYBE there’s hope that Dogakobo is instead planning to do another season for Love Lab.

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  1. Looking forward to GochuUsa and Love Live season 2. I’m gonna hold out hope that TYO will be able to do as good a job on YuruYuri as Dogakobo did.

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