I’m pumped for Pero Pero Teacher.


This might be the best hentai to come out in years. Akio Watanabe (who works on Monogatari) is doing the designs. I almost never get pumped over hentai  ero anime because IMO much of what’s made especially today is of poor quality or too it’s just plain too disgusting to actually consider it fap material (more like bile fascination if anything) but here we have what’s essentially an ero anime of  …


Was supposed to come out earlier in the year but got pushed to June. The wait will be well worth it.


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2 responses to “I’m pumped for Pero Pero Teacher.

  1. drawingirl94

    I remember hearing about this a while back. I am actually quite curious too.

  2. For once, my hentai dreams come true. If only Takamura Kazuhiro can contribute his excellent character designs to hentai. But yeah, I’ll check this one out.

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