Uh oh, my heart just stopped…



There it goes!

Keep’em coming Max Factory. I want all of the 765 idols (including Ritsuko) to get made.

Frankly I’ll be cool if the only figma that appeal to me for the next few years is of Idolmaster. You can keep your Attack on Titan, Free, Avengers figma. Gimme more moe otaku bait please.


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6 responses to “Uh oh, my heart just stopped…

  1. Niwa

    These Idolmaster figmas have all been really cute! I even ordered a Ranko Kanzaki figma some months ago. I also hope that Max Factory makes figmas of allof 765 pro too.

  2. drawingirl94

    I too hope for the same thing. If they make a figma of Makoto and Yukiho, I can die a happy otaku.

    • I hoping for Iori and Yayoi next but really want all of the 765 pro idols made.

      • drawingirl94

        Yeah, same here. It’s hard for me to decide who is my favorite character, since there are so many good ones, so I’ll just say I want all of them. XD

    • Same, Frankly I’d be fine if the only figma I collect from here on in is of Idolmaster and Monogatari.

      Speaking of which, Timeenforceranubis got his first figma, Miho from Girls und Panzer. I’m passing on the GuP ones because the main team is least appealing to me. Call me when they do the history buffs or the volleyball team girls.

      • drawingirl94

        I actually kind of want the Avengers figmas too. I thought they looked pretty cool. I’d also like a figma from Kill la Kill, but in her regular school uniform outfit. To be honest, though, I only have four figmas in total, so I’m pretty far behind.

        You talking about Girls und Panzer reminds me that I still need to finish that show. Another thing I’m far behind at. XD

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