Concerned White People Saving The World!

Ugh! I hate this shit! Blegh!

And OF COURSE they got to bring up someone who say “people are showing children this is alright” but who knows if that’s actually true. Why don’t they start criminalizing U-15 (and under) videos. That’s a fucking start. Leave manga alone!!

Now excuse while I go look at the latest issue of Comic LO. 😉



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14 responses to “Concerned White People Saving The World!

  1. Niwa

    Oh god, more criminalizing lolicon dumbassery. More idiots who don’t understand the concept of separating fact from fiction.

    Fun fact: My first viewing of porn happened when I was 9. I was searching on the internet for Pokemon stuff and I came across a doujin involving Nurse Jenny. It all went “downhill” from there.

    Also “Cuteness is a problem”? Just how stupid are the writers at CNN. Then again, that article is a perfect example of why I don’t follow any mainstream news outlets. Nothing but a bunch of sensationalist bullshit.

  2. drawingirl94

    Ugh… When will this shitfest of anti-loli cunts end? Niwa pretty much summed up my thoughts pretty well.

    Although in my case, my introduction to porn happened when I was 11 or 12. It was a picture of the Looney Tunes having an orgy. I was not scarred for life, but it did indeed create my preference for cartoon porn as opposed to live action stuff.

    I absolutely DESPISE it when these people think that if a real life child molester uses lolicon to manipulate children, then that automatically means that we should ban lolicon outright. What a great mentality! Instead of putting the blame on the scum who hurt the child and make him take responsibility for his actions, let’s blame it on a bunch of lines on paper! Yeah, that oughta solve the problem!

    I also despise that people always assume that if you want to protect and look out for an innocent character, it means that you want to manipulate and control a female because of the patriarchy and the misogyny. As a female myself, I find that mindset stupid and offensive. I know damn well that women in real life act nothing like anime, manga, eroge, etc. That’s exactly WHY I find them so charming in the first place. I have plenty of respect for real people (unless they’re assholes like this), but I get a lot of enjoyment from the moe and loli characters because you can’t find that level of cuteness and innocence in real life. And you know what? That’s probably a good thing. The escapism and imagination coming from these characters is what helps me cope with my bad days, and helps me learn how to tackle difficult times in the real world. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    But what these people don’t know is that I am perfectly able to adore these fictional girls and still be a full functioning human being and treats others with respect. Just quit railing against the stuff I like, and there won’t be a problem between us.

  3. drawingirl94

    Also, VZ, are you ever thinking about doing an episode on NTR Radio about lolicon? Just out of curiosity.

  4. TsukuyomiMagi99

    This is my reaction to the news

    IT LIVES! LOLICON FUCKING LIVES! Take that you fucking moral faggots! This is the fourth time that lolicon has survived legislation against it. Gee, I wonder why it’s been so hard for you to ban it since you’ve been trying since 1999. Maybe because once again you have no peer reviewed scientific evidence that it breeds pedophiles or the sexual abuse of children and its just your moral condemnation?!

    Its too fucking bad too. This was your best shot at banning lolicon once and for all with the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan in full power! I am sure you moral faggots will try again but for now freedom of speech and expression reign supreme!

  5. The good news we’ve got out of this is that we can still have our lolis.This doesn’t prevent me from facepalming though. That was a painful article to read through; it’s bad enough being that it’s CNN. The thing that ticks me off the most is the woman who tries to rebute Ken Akamatsu’s claim that even if it’s imaginary, it’s possible to emulate. That dude who used lolicon to commit his crime was a rotten scumbag of a human being. That doesn’t mean that we’re capable of the same thing. I also find it ironic how some LDP members are all up for improving the economy, yet want to get some of this stuff banned, which would hurt the economy even more if it did happen.

  6. I lol’d how they equated the scene in Negima with something you’d find in Comic LO. Do your fucking research douchebags.

    Speaking of which, I’m glad to see that Salad, Rustle and all of the other great loli artists aren’t out of a job.

  7. kgods

    I’ll speak to each individually:

    This is a big problem with Americans in general. You’ll note that we’ve tried to censor music, movies, video games, and numerous other things throughout our existence. The reasoning is always some absurd moral crusading and “we know better” justifications.

    Interesting page of personal history there! It seems that lots of people have a tendency to turn off the functionality of their critical thinking skills in regards to things that make them uncomfortable. As for doing an episode (or two) on the subject, we are definitely going to at some point! We want the right guest(s) for the job and to have a larger listener net beforehand. If you feel up to it, you can join us.

    I was wondering about your mental stability when I saw this story. Rather than depression, it seems that you are reveling in the outcome and gloating. While I share your enthusiasm and extreme distaste for censorship, moral railroading, and intellectual dishonesty, these people aren’t going away any time soon. I would only expect these stories to become more frequent as the 2020 Olympics draw nearer.

    Were you really expecting a clueless white-collar crook that works for the media machine to approach something fairly and without assuaging an agenda?

    I enjoyed the fact that they blurred a non-pornographic title. Competency doesn’t really matter when you disseminate moral panic amongst the unwashed masses. 😀

    • drawingirl94

      I’d totally love to join! …As soon as I get a new mic and a webcam, since the one I already have is unfortunately broken.

    • @kgods
      In all honesty, nope. We’ve all seen this kind of shit before. Fox 11 Ten o’ Clock News on Anonymous and 4chan, CNN on Rapeplay, The Japan Times on Imoucho (not to mention another worthless article of theirs blaming moe for the “death” of anime, etc.) It’s just fucking annoying. But unfortunately, as you said to Tsuku, these morons and stories aren’t gonna go away anytime soon. “It’s all just one big shit sandwich, and we all have to take a bite.” Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  8. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Also I got MundaneMatt to discuss on the issue. Frankly, I’m disappointed by his response. I’d thought he’d be cool with it (said art shouldn’t be censored but it still bother him the existence of it). He said it’s a grey area issue (but it isn’t because it’s not fucking real).

  9. I like how “Concerned White People” are upset what another sovereign nation does with their culture.

    The real CP does need to be banned, I don’t think anyone would disagree with that, but trying to put drawings in the same league as real CP is just upsetting.

    I like also like how CNN is forgetting the real elephant in the room and that we have things like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and Toddlers and Tiaras which I am pretty sure both are sexualizing REAL children, instead of drawings which isn’t.

    Anyways, this all boils down to this:

  10. More white (ok, TURKISH) people wanting to save the world!

  11. *facepalm* Those stupid pricks.

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