Paradise is here!

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So the Mujaki no Rakuen OAD is out.

The bad:

-Very limited, stilted animation.

-Barbie doll anatomy nudity.

-Scattered presentation (adapted various chapters of the manga but left out others including the twin tailed girl introduction).

-Had one of those cheapy hentai type endings where it just shows scenes from the anime YOU JUST WATCHED with just music overlaid on it.

The good:

-Very nice ecchi (close up of loli parts).

-Was a full half hour (well actually twenty six minutes but still a good length.

-Main guy/boy is a fucking bro.

Overall, while far from being the successor to KissxSis, I’d still like to see more get made.

I wish I could bro fist the mangaka.

Here’s his pixiv account for more loli fun.

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