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So there’s this manga called Oshiete! Gyaruko-chan that I discovered. Little of it has has been translated and raws are hard to come by. I’m tempted to just buy the Japanese language manga of it myself. Here’s what it’s about.

Follow the daily school life of Gyaruko-chan, Otako, and Ojyo in this series of comedic short stories. Gyaruko-chan has a tendency to speak rudely, but she’s basically friends with everyone. Otako is the quiet loner of the class, but she is good friends with Gyaruko-chan. Ojyo speaks her mind freely and naturally.

I REALLY hope this gets an anime. There’s two volumes out, definitely enough to do a series (even if it’s shorts). Some of the material is of a lewd-ish but I’m sure it can make to Japanese TV.

Official site for the manga BTW:

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