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I just don’t care.

Sorry if I haven’t been updating the blog lately as I’ve been quite busy the past year (art related, mostly).

This year saw a number of simulcast dubs from Funimation, with questionable uh, scripts. Basically they’ve been kinda pandering to the SJW mindset while dissing their consumer base. The controversy started last year with the simulcast dub for Prison School (Are you one of the Gamergate creepos?). Luckily this was changed in the retail version of the show.

This year saw more of that with Maid Dragon and just recently Hajimete no Gal. I SHOULD be angry over this but in all honestly…

I just don’t care.

I don’t know really why. Possibly because I’m too old to be caring what the western market does these days in an age where SO MUCH ANIME IS BEING PRODUCED AND RELEASED. But mainly, I don’t pay attention to dubs….like at all.

The number of English language dubs I enjoy over the Japanese is very, VERY small.

Also my opinion is that what Funimation decides to do with the script is ultimately up to them. As someone who cares mainly for the original Japanese language version, the dub has little to no value to me.

What I DO care is the video quality.  Hence why I was SO angry over the release of Lucky Star on Blu-Ray (don’t think I’ve forgotten that). Strike Witches the movie has crummy quality from what I’ve heard too. But their recent releases have been fine from reports, which is all I care about in the moment. There’s still some Funimation releases I do plan to get in the future because they’re show I really love.

Thanks for understanding my position on the matter.

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Five Good Things About Fiveman

Fiveman title

Chikyū Sentai Fiveman is the 1990 entry in the LONG running Super Sentai series. It also happens to be one of the most disliked entries in the franchise and is blamed for almost killing it.  I’m not going to defend the entirety of it since I found the twelve subbed episodes I watched to be quite bland (it does pretty much what many other sentai shows do, just not as imaginative).  There are couple of merits I do actually like about the show.

Fiveman hoverstar

1. The opening theme is very catchy. I just love the way it melodically sounds, especially the part that goes “Wow Wow Wow Wow My Brother. Wow Wow Wow Wow My Sister”. Overall the OST and BGM is pretty good as well (Turboranger still has the best Vocal OST though). Too bad that hovercraft in the OP didn’t actually show up the episodes I saw.

Fiveman OP

2.The suit designs. I love the aesthetic the chose here. With the lines representing their age (Red is the oldest, Yellow the youngest). The forehead also denotes their teacher occupation and what subject they teach. Speaking of which.

Fiverobo cockpit

3. I’m sure some will find this aspect corny but I LOVE the fact that they’re all teachers. Red-Science, Blue-Physical Education, Black-Language, Pink-Math and Yellow-Music.

Kaiju History 1990 Fiveman 03

4. Instead of the monster of the week growing, they baddies dispatch a giant robot called Gorlin (looks like the Michelin Man), absorbs the DNA of the monster so that it will resemble said monster. Bonus points for SOME originality.

5. Remi Hoshikawa. She’s so awesome. A music teacher who also knows kung fu. In an episode when a monster makes all the water into alcohol, she decides to make herself even DRUNKER to use the drunken boxing technique. She even aged pretty gracefully when she showed up in Gokaiger.

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Buying stuff you like is BAD!?


Consumerism is evil! Am I right?

If there’s one thing I’ve encountered from the western fanbase that’s baffled me more than anything, it their anti-consumerist attitude towards it. It’s almost as if they think anime is produced in a vacuum that just magically appears for them to take but not give.

Unlike the Japanese fanbase, I’ve noticed the western fanbase has a complete aversion to the notion that what they’re watching is designed to sell them something. I bring up this topic because lately many have a disdain for Gundam Build Fighters because of its blatant gunpla product placement.  I don’t see how this is any different that the majority of mecha anime that’s been produced over the decades (especially that of TV anime). I’m loving Gundam Build Fighters for this very reason. It’s finally the type of robot show I enjoy greatly; the hyper commercialized product placement anime that makes you feel like you’re a kid again!

I just don’t see why a show being a  half hour commercial is necessarily a bad thing. Did these people not grow up in the 80’s when the majority of cartoons were designed to do just that. Was seeing Optimus Prime turn into a cool truck and then asking your mommy to buy you a toy of it so horrible? Now of course I know the show or its characters have to engage you more than anything otherwise in my mind it’s failed to sell you its product. Today’s anime is no different from that of the past when it comes to this. Instead of watching that cool robot do cool shit in which you then bug your parents to buy you its toy, you now seek out to buy a figure of your favorite moe character. Otaku seem to understand this concept very well. Still, there’s of course there’s that VERY vocal minority who think anime has to only be art with DEEP plot and COMPLEX REALISTIC characters because they so want there to be an anime equivalent of something like Breaking Bad. Right?


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It’s not like I wanted to post or anything like that.

1342804225113 1389202639038 1389202577180

It’s no secret that tsundere archetypes are quite popular. The thing is when most people who even know what a tsundere are, they’re thinking of the most extreme and violent examples. I’ve read posts about people wanting a tsundere girlfriend, only to be responded to saying “What, why do you what a sociopath as a girlfriend?”

The thing is while I love tsunderes, I’m much more into the non-violent,” law and order” type rather than what I just described above. To me, it’s the most adorable thing when a girl who wants to follow the rules so hard, has a tough time expressing her true feelings. Like for example, how Azusa wanted the other members of the Afterschool Tea Time to practice and not goof around but she still stayed with them to enjoy cake and tea.

1310059957009 1359292276988

I also adore wealthy tsunderes for the same reason above. Again, it’s this whole notion that they have to appear to be better than other but really they want to get along with everyone and share in the fun. Tsunderes are great for the whole manzai routine since they get to be the straight man while the genki/cloudcuckoolander  character is the funny man.

The only violent tsundere I like is Kirino Kousaka of Oreimo, who honestly isn’t even that violent. Ayase isn’t a tsundere or yandere, she’s just a bitch, plain and simple.


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Rantapocalypse: Savior of anime? I think not.


The actual saviour of anime.

Over the past few years but mostly this year, there;s been quite a bit of chatter over the notion that anime is need of being “saved”. What this usually entails is a something that will  become super huge in the west ala Cowboy Bebop. Remember how the anti-moe western fanbase were all gearing up for REDLINE to be the next Akira and look at how THAT turned out. The new anime that’s supposedly suppose to revitalize the western zeal of anime fans in the U.S. is Space Dandy, an anime that looks like a modern-day version of that laserdisc game Space Ace. and so obviously trying to pander (yes, I’m allowed to use that word here) to the western fanbase.

In all seriousness, is Space Dandy will NOT do anything of the sort. Even though it’s on Toonami, the era of watching anime on TV is more or less dead. Most SMART anime fans know what’s coming out in Japan and just DL crunchyroll rips (and in my ideal world, purchase the shows if and when they come out in here or if they have the $$$, get the Japanese releases).

Anime is doing just fine in Japan right now. No, I don’t want to hear about the panic of the declining population there. Even IF anime production is doomed, guess what, there are HUNDREDS of shows to look around for. You’re not obligated to watch the latest shows. The west will ALWAYS be an afterthought to the industry.

Also the notion that anime HAS to be for normal  er I mean casual people is absurd because I doubt they’ll be buying DVD/BD’s, books and figures. Otaku are obsessive for a reason.


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End of summer rant.

Yuzuko glasses

“I happen to be an expert on this topic.”

I’d like to bring up another notion the western fanbase won’t shut up about. The way anime is produced and marketed.

To me, you need to think of it as a game. A game has rules. You may not like the rules but the rules are to be followed. The rules for anime are as followed: in order for a show to be profitable, a DVD/BD has to be $60-80 for the equivalent of 2-3 episodes. That’s it! No complaining, no whining. It’s that way because it works for the Japanese market. It’d only change when NOBODY supports any release, which isn’t happening because they are still buying.

You might be saying to yourself “yeah but I’m not Japanese but I still want to support it.” Well then it’s your duty to buy the R1 DVD/BD release. No, you don’t have to buy EVERY show you like but then don’t make up arbitrary reasons to not support it (like complaining that the sub font is yellow or something). While there can be bad release which you need not support, it’s important to show that yes, the market in the west does matter. Despite what some say, buying anime DOES support the Japanese industry. The key is not to wait forever when a show is out of print to RE rereleased to the point where it won’t matter where the money goes to.

Another point I want to talk about is fake intellectualism. There are people who exist out there that really believe you are a better person by the cartoons you watch. The idea that “I’m a better nerd than you because I like Flowers of Evil” is just another case of nerd hierarchy. Then there’s those that feel that I must hide my nerdom from others, even other nerds. To see what I mean, go to ->http://youtu.be/sb4fCvYDa94?t=26m

Oh, and let’s not forget those that complain about others that want to be like the Japanese otaku. Because that’s a bad thing to be like the actual consumer base for anime, right?


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Summer “o” fun!


While I knew this season would be great, I didn’t think it would surpass fall 2012 (the last great anime season I felt). Here’s everything I’m watching:

Monogatari Second Season-Off to a great start. I love that it’s a going 2 cour show.

RO-KYU-BU! SS-Also off to great start. Lolis in bike shorts DO I NEED TO SAY MORE!

Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3-Woosh that’s a long ass title. I did really enjoyed I especially how cute the expression were on the faces of these girls. I like the way they acknowledge the characters being weird. Timeenforcer Anubis is in heaven with this.

Servant x Service-Since it’s from the same mangaka and studio as WORKING!!, of course I’d enjoy it. Lucy is great!

Love Lab-Ah yes, the pandering to VZMk2 show I jokingly say. It met my expectations especially Suzu the meganekko (even though she was barely in the first ep). I’m addicted to the catchy as hell OP. Probably my favorite of the season that isn’t a sequel.

Kin’iro Mosaic-I knew I’d like this holy shit I didn’t think the show would be THIS DAMN CUTE! It’s moe on overdrive folks.

Watamote-This was the surprise of season. I was never a part of the western fanbase that knew about the manga beforehand so I had little idea what to expect. Just like Joshiraku last yeah, this is exactly the right way to do social commentary in anime (Satoshi Kon was the wrong way because telling your audience you’re horrible people gets you no favors). This too indeed moe but in a different light. You empathize with Tomoko so much because she’s exactly like the viewer (and me) in school.. She’s not outwardly cute but you still want to befriend her and tell her you understand.

What I dropped:

Free! (aka Fujoshi Really Enthusiastically Excited)-HAHAHAHA . Actually if they stayed with their shota flashback selves I could have liked it but as it is it’s not meant for me. Really though, it was just so boring was what it was.

Kitakubu Katsudō Kiroku (Chronicles of the Going Home Club)-Good god was this lousy. It’s trying so hard to be like K-ON! (Main girl looks like Ritsu with her hair down and the worst ahoge ever, one like Yui, one like Tsumugi, one like Mio, and one like Azusa but with blonde hair) but without the Kyoani magic and talent that made that a special show.

Rozen Maiden Rewind-People still care about Rozen Maiden? I mean I did enjoy it and yeas own both seasons but this felt so unnecessary. I do like the production values (almost movie quality) but  the wegottarecapeverthingthathappenedintheoriginalshowbecausetheaudiencemaynotbefamiliarwiththesecharactersandholyshittwoofthedollsarealreadydeadWTFjusthappened was quite aggravating. Maybe if the other shows I’m watching weren’t so good I’d continue but I can only watch SO much which is why I tend to do the one-two ep dropped test.

I haven’t seen the new Milky Holmes yet but I’m not hopeful it’ll be as funny as the two original seasons. I might check out Neptunia as well.

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The “isms” of the anime fandom.



-Be less of a Chihaya and more of a Yayoi.

Lately, I’ve been really getting annoyed at the various “isms” that have been plaguing the western fandom.

The first is pessimism. This notion that the “sky is falling” constantly. They feel that everything they hold dear is one on the verge of collapse. Whatever it may be. The industry collapsing, the notion that “x’ is killing “y”, that lolicon will be banned in Japan. It gets highly irritating after a while and I feel people that say such things are usually the pessimistic type regarding life in general.

The other is cynicism. The notion that one has to not only NOT like anything that’s positive or NOT dark but that the industry is someone only in it to be cynical. I laugh whenever I hear the words “cynical cash grab”. This opinion that nothing is created generally because they happen to love what they’re doing is also pervasive in the western fandom, usually by those who can’t like anything that makes them feel good.

What I’m getting at is, I want POSITIVE THINKING!

Things haven’t been better than now IMO for anime. Just this week alone saw the following:

-Oreimo’s light novel got the ending I wanting

-Yuru Yuri finally got license and by the best possible company too (NISA).

-A certain show is rumored to get a 3’d season.

-Chu2 movie (even if it’s a recap, it still shows the success of the franchise).

Plus a whole slew of great shows are coming out next season (possibly the best of the year).

What more do you want people?


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“A flat chest is beautiful, too.”

A flat chest is beautiful, too1366381371769

It truly is.

On that note I’m continuing to watch Photo Kano. It reminds me of Hatsukoi Limited but not as comedy focused. Art is pretty good and the fanservice scenes are nice but overall it’s quite average. You know when the western fanbase reviewed says “the show was surprising good DESPITE the fanservice”?, Well, to me anyway, the fanservice is the only thing the show’s got going for it. No, that doesn’t mean I’m a shallow viewer, I do look for quality but I don’t dismiss the ecchi in a show because I happen to consider it just as much of an important part of a show. You have to look at the whole package and not dismiss something that personally offends you (get offended by another country’s cartoons, lulz.).



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Ecchi education!



Those that complain about how fanservice, ecchi and/or just perversion is a recent thing and “ruining” anime should really spend some time on this site I linked above. It’ll prove that yes, fanservice has existed for quite some time in anime (try decades). Many old series have just as much ecchi (and in some cases, much more casual use of nudity) as modern anime. Of course there’s those in the western fanbase that like to make up history and pretend that anime was some sort of high art form that somehow got corrupted and use made up terms such as  “advanced capitalism”.


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