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Enthusiastic for more Euphonium!



Not only a sequel (I knew they’d do one) but a movie too. Sound Euphonium is one of Kyoani’s best IMO.

Edit: The movie is a compilation of the first season. Personally, I’m getting tired of those. At least there’s another season to look forward too.

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It’s like K-On! but without the light music.



Apparently this is going to be Kyoani’s next show. Looks quite promising. Coming in April.

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Kyoani shakes their goods.

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AmagiOP01 Muse can't hear you Sento got DAT ass Sento covered chestAmagiOP02

Thank you Kyoani for the otaku pandering.


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It’s Brilliant!


Does it seem like Kyoani’s best? Probably not but I’m still pumped for it. While I did enjoy even the serious action parts of Chuunibyou and Kyokai no Kanata, I’m glad to see that this isn’t more edgemaster bait.


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Mirai at the movies!



No word on if it’s an all new story or a recap. I love how Kyoani has the magical ability to make movies for their franchises where I’m sure most studios are jealous of that. Either way, I actually did enjoy the show last fall (even if  the ending made little sense but I hope this movie clears the details).

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Foot rub a dub!


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More Tamako Market from Kyoani and more Haruhi not from Kyoani.


Hey, I enjoyed Tamako so I’m cool with this.


How’s that dead horse that’s been beaten to death? Actually, this could be good since I liked the alternate Yuki from the Haruhi movie  anyway.


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Words to live by.

loved by glasses girl

So Kyokai no Kanata. Not bad for a first ep (still not as great as the first episode to Chuunibyou though). It’s kind of like if Bakemonogatari was done by Kyoani.


Main girl is adorable, as expected of Kyoani.

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What am I watching for fall 2013?

Next season doesn’t seem to have as many strong must watches as this season was. Still, I look forward to the following.

Non Non Biyori

Looks adorable!

Gundam Build Fighters

Finally, a Gundam TV series I’m interested in watching as it comes out.

Kyokai no Kanata.

Although I tell you, if I can’t get into it the first couple of episodes I’m dropping it.

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai (Wanna be the strongest in the world!).

Because I need at least one goofy ecchi show a season.

Outbreak Company

Just for the ridiculous premise alone. Although like Kyokai, if it doesn’t draw me in early I’m dropping it too.

Ore no Nōnai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Love Come o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru ( My Mental Multiple-Choice Power Is Completely Ruining My School Romantic Comedy)

Another goofy show I’ll check out to see if I like it.

More or less that’ll be it. I want to keep it light.

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