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Bro of the season.

I am a lolicon02my strike zone

I know everyone is into Seiya from Amagi Brilliant Park but honest I’m this guy from Inou Battle Within Everyday Life to be the best male character of the season.

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Donut loli vampire!


As long as Max Factory continues doing figma for the Monogatari series and the Idolm@ster, I’m cool with them doing non otaku related franchises.

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Gallery of Innocence!

MnR01 MnR02 MnR03 MnR04 MnR05 MnR06 MnR07 MnR17 MnR22 MnR23 MnR26


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I maid these stitches.

Peropero-teacher-maid Peropero-teacher-school-swimsuit Peropero-teacher-PE-uniform

Peropero Teacher was a single episode, with three released versions, in which each version she’d wear a different outfit.

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Paradise is here!

MnR01 MnR02 MnR03 MnR04 MnR05 MnR06

So the Mujaki no Rakuen OAD is out.

The bad:

-Very limited, stilted animation.

-Barbie doll anatomy nudity.

-Scattered presentation (adapted various chapters of the manga but left out others including the twin tailed girl introduction).

-Had one of those cheapy hentai type endings where it just shows scenes from the anime YOU JUST WATCHED with just music overlaid on it.

The good:

-Very nice ecchi (close up of loli parts).

-Was a full half hour (well actually twenty six minutes but still a good length.

-Main guy/boy is a fucking bro.

Overall, while far from being the successor to KissxSis, I’d still like to see more get made.

I wish I could bro fist the mangaka.

Here’s his pixiv account for more loli fun.


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I’m pumped for Pero Pero Teacher.


This might be the best hentai to come out in years. Akio Watanabe (who works on Monogatari) is doing the designs. I almost never get pumped over hentai  ero anime because IMO much of what’s made especially today is of poor quality or too it’s just plain too disgusting to actually consider it fap material (more like bile fascination if anything) but here we have what’s essentially an ero anime of  …


Was supposed to come out earlier in the year but got pushed to June. The wait will be well worth it.


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Hina says hi!


Her design from the original drawing been changed a bit. Main difference is the hairclips are now the NTR Radio logo. Thanks goes out to TimeenforcerAnubis for picking out the name Hina Watanabe for her.

Also this is 500th post on this blog!

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Yes! Another lesbian lolicon!

but I love little girls, too! I never told you where the bath was

The loli and the female lolicon/siscon utterly steal this show.

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Hey the Other Side….


Remember this?

Usuzumi Hatsumi

Is this evil too, right?


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