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Sorry for the lack of updates to this blog as I post more on twitter than here but this was important to me personally so it goes here.

While not really a regular series (or a movie), at least it’s SOMETHING!! Looks on par with the Puchimas shorts.

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Go Go Golion Chogokin!



After many years of hearing rumors of it coming, the long wait is finally over. Bandai is finally going to release a fully combing Soul of Chogokin Golion. Beast King Golion you know by now is the show that adapted into Voltron Defender of the Universe.


Now of course I won’t be able to acquire this (damn my Idolm@ster and Love Live addiction). Not like I’d be able to as preorders for this have sold out already. The price while high, it’s AS bad I thought it be.


What I like is while certain things are present such as modern articulation and more accurate details, it’s essentially like the original DX Chogokin from 1981. Granted this isn’t going to have eye gouging missiles but it updates the parts that only needed to be and doesn’t try to over stylize like many of the high end Voltron toys that have been coming out the past decade.

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Glorious Galko!



Remember when I said how I’d love to see an anime of Oshiete! Galko-chan? Well it’s getting one, next season in January. Animated by studio feel (they do such great fanservice). I’m going to assume it’s going to be a short format series due to this late announcement.

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Enthusiastic for more Euphonium!



Not only a sequel (I knew they’d do one) but a movie too. Sound Euphonium is one of Kyoani’s best IMO.

Edit: The movie is a compilation of the first season. Personally, I’m getting tired of those. At least there’s another season to look forward too.

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Hormones in plastics and food does a body good!

top150827 syuri

Upcoming show I’m pumped for next season called Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! (Komori-san Can’t Decline). Take a look at the main girl. She’s a middle schooler apparently. Could be really good. Downer is that it’s ANOTHER short format show.


Main site:


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Bakuon!! Gotta ride’em all!


Evven since I first heard of this manga, I so wanted to see this get animated. Basically, it’s moe + motorcycles. No date set so far but probably fall the earliest. And yes, there’s two exclamation points in the title. It’s not just because I’m extra excited for this even though I really am.

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Have no fear, we’ve got idols for years!


Looking excellent as expected. I might even spring for Mio whenever that goes up (I doubt it’ll be before the end of the year) just to complete the New Generation trio.


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This will be one super cute summer!


From the mangaka of Kiniro Mosaic (and you know how much I loved that). Between this, more Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls and S3 of WORKING!!, I think I might just die of cuteness overload. Only slight disappointment is that it’s going to be shorts but I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it.

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Even more easygoing lily.



Since I really enjoyed the first two season and the OVA, this is nice to see.

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A second cup of coffee!

pancake on face


Loved this show, glad to see another season. I knew it’d get one.

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