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Kissxsis-stitch kissxsis

This is the real KissxSis! Oh, u mad western fanbase?


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Woof woof.


Get a muzzle, please.

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A few years behind, right mainstream media?


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I’m not short on shortcake.

“Stupid perverted big brother. Why’d you want to see me dress like this?

“For me? Oh you shouldn’t have.”

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More moe art!

“Taco flavored kisses.”

“My little sister can be this well drawn!”


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My little sister can’t get another season!….and other news.






Also, none of these are April’s Fool jokes.

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Tsun step

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Kirino has the right idea.

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My Little DVD Set Can’t Be This Expensive!



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We Want You Here.

Here’s a list of anime I feel that need to get a R1 DVD/BD release. I’m not going to list EVERYTHING I want to. More so, it’s stuff I have a feeling would a least have a chance to get a release. Maybe. This does not include pre 2005 anime since that’s whole different deal when you’re talking about older anime (no, I don’t consider 2005 old, I’m just using a cut off date).

Kanamemo-Next to K-On!, this was my favorite anime from 2009. I loved this show so much. So unapologetic in its use of yuri x loli.  The only company that would release it I could see is Sentai Filmworks. Funimation wouldn’t touch this with a 39 1/2 foot pole I feel.

Bakemonogatari-I would have said that this would have been my second favorite from 2009 (K-On’s first season was still #1), but I saw this in 2010 as I waited for the BD rips (was necessary for viewing). This needs to come out here BADLY. Uses standard anime tropes and gives them PURPOSE.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica-This just ended and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Like Bakemonogari, it needs to come here badly. SO AWESOME.

Yosuga no Sora-I saw this just this year and I’m so glad I did. While I found the beginning was kinda slow and only slightly interesting, the last 2-3 episodes were GODLY. This is how you do incest anime people. So unapologetic.

Kiss X Sis- I want both the OVAs and TV series. Between Kanamemo, Yosuga and this, I really like studio Feel’s output. Really funny. Again, unapologetic. Moral prudes need to get a sense of humor when it comes to shows like this.

Strawberry Marshmallow-Not just the first three OVAs and Encore OVAs, but the TV needs a license rescue. Funimation said they won’t touch this. Maybe Sentai Filmworks could pick it up as a cheap license. I loved the show so much. Pure moe.

Saki-Gonzo’s last anime before they imploded (despite them coming back soon), I loved this show back from 2009. Surprised it hasn’t been licensed. I could see Funimation getting it since they’ve been the one to release most of Gonzo’s properties. The only need is that Funimation releases take a long time compared to most of the other companies since they dub everything. Maybe they feel that people wouldn’t know what Mahjong is .

Ladies vs. Butlers-Since Media Blasters released Kanokon, this coming over would be a no brainer. I enjoyed it. It better come with those extra shorts though.

GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class-I enjoyed this laid back SOL moe anime that actually talks about art. The manga’s released here by Yen Press so maybe it’s got a chance.

Ore no Imouto-I know that the last extra episodes are still coming, still I’d love to see this get a release here too. Probably NIS America since they release Working!! and really doesn’t need to be dubbed to be enjoyed.

Manabi Straight-Surprised that this too hasn’t been released here. I guess the caveat being that the highschoolers look like elementary students (very much in that puni plush style). Very sweet moe show.

Seitokai no Ichizon-A late 2009 anime that I wasn’t sure I was going to like but toward the end I enjoyed quite a bit. Lots of references and in jokes. For strong otaku only. Whoever licenses this, it’d benefit greatly from a booklet that explains so of the less obvious references.

Nanoha movie the 1st-I never saw the TV series for Nanoha and really don’t want too since the production values don’t look good at all. This however looked excellent. Think of it as the Nanoha equalvilent to Macross DYRL or the Rebuild of Evangelion films. The main caveat (besides that magical girl anime just doesn’t sell here outside of Sailor Moon) is that there’s nudity….. of young girls. Um, yeah.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko-I didn’t really want to include anything that was currently airing but I felt that this show is something I’d like to own as its my favorite from this season. Every single girl in it is just pure moe.

That concludes this very long post.

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