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Concerned White People Saving The World!


Ugh! I hate this shit! Blegh!

And OF COURSE they got to bring up someone who say “people are showing children this is alright” but who knows if that’s actually true. Why don’t they start criminalizing U-15 (and under) videos. That’s a fucking start. Leave manga alone!!

Now excuse while I go look at the latest issue of Comic LO. đŸ˜‰



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Buying stuff you like is BAD!?


Consumerism is evil! Am I right?

If there’s one thing I’ve encountered from the western fanbase that’s baffled me more than anything, it their anti-consumerist attitude towards it. It’s almost as if they think anime is produced in a vacuum that just magically appears for them to take but not give.

Unlike the Japanese fanbase, I’ve noticed the western fanbase has a complete aversion to the notion that what they’re watching is designed to sell them something. I bring up this topic because lately many have a disdain for Gundam Build Fighters because of its blatant gunpla product placement.  I don’t see how this is any different that the majority of mecha anime that’s been produced over the decades (especially that of TV anime). I’m loving Gundam Build Fighters for this very reason. It’s finally the type of robot show I enjoy greatly; the hyper commercialized product placement anime that makes you feel like you’re a kid again!

I just don’t see why a show being a  half hour commercial is necessarily a bad thing. Did these people not grow up in the 80’s when the majority of cartoons were designed to do just that. Was seeing Optimus Prime turn into a cool truck and then asking your mommy to buy you a toy of it so horrible? Now of course I know the show or its characters have to engage you more than anything otherwise in my mind it’s failed to sell you its product. Today’s anime is no different from that of the past when it comes to this. Instead of watching that cool robot do cool shit in which you then bug your parents to buy you its toy, you now seek out to buy a figure of your favorite moe character. Otaku seem to understand this concept very well. Still, there’s of course there’s that VERY vocal minority who think anime has to only be art with DEEP plot and COMPLEX REALISTIC characters because they so want there to be an anime equivalent of something like Breaking Bad. Right?


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“You kids with your fanservice and your pandering!”


Why do you even care about the industry, didn’t you announce your retirement? Scratch that, do even actually care about people? Didn’t he once say he wished Tokyo were under the ocean due to the environment.

Go take your old man medicine, you senile loon.

The best anime will be for otaku, by otaku!


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NTR Radio Gaiden 7: Allow Us To Reintroduce Ourselves


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NTR Radio Episode # 21: Let’s Talk About REAL Problems


Also check out this article TE Anubis wrote.


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End of summer rant.

Yuzuko glasses

“I happen to be an expert on this topic.”

I’d like to bring up another notion the western fanbase won’t shut up about. The way anime is produced and marketed.

To me, you need to think of it as a game. A game has rules. You may not like the rules but the rules are to be followed. The rules for anime are as followed: in order for a show to be profitable, a DVD/BD has to be $60-80 for the equivalent of 2-3 episodes. That’s it! No complaining, no whining. It’s that way because it works for the Japanese market. It’d only change when NOBODY supports any release, which isn’t happening because they are still buying.

You might be saying to yourself “yeah but I’m not Japanese but I still want to support it.” Well then it’s your duty to buy the R1 DVD/BD release. No, you don’t have to buy EVERY show you like but then don’t make up arbitrary reasons to not support it (like complaining that the sub font is yellow or something). While there can be bad release which you need not support, it’s important to show that yes, the market in the west does matter. Despite what some say, buying anime DOES support the Japanese industry. The key is not to wait forever when a show is out of print to RE rereleased to the point where it won’t matter where the money goes to.

Another point I want to talk about is fake intellectualism. There are people who exist out there that really believe you are a better person by the cartoons you watch. The idea that “I’m a better nerd than you because I like Flowers of Evil” is just another case of nerd hierarchy. Then there’s those that feel that I must hide my nerdom from others, even other nerds. To see what I mean, go to ->http://youtu.be/sb4fCvYDa94?t=26m

Oh, and let’s not forget those that complain about others that want to be like the Japanese otaku. Because that’s a bad thing to be like the actual consumer base for anime, right?


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Kissxsis-stitch kissxsis

This is the real KissxSis! Oh, u mad western fanbase?


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NTR Radio Gaiden 4: It Was Bad… Despite the Fanservice


This episode is how Juden-chan was a bad show but not for the reasons the western fanbase would say it’s bad, Anubis buying cool stuff at the con and more rage targeted at a certain mod.

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Konata & Kagami are back!

Well, look who came crawling back to the otaku industry after she dismissed otaku after doing the thing that guarantees career suicide in the otaku market.

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NTR Radio#16: I Read All of It; I Want My Life Back


Special thanks to FattyJanai for coming on the show. You can see his blog here:http://mmbkun.wordpress.com/

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