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I just don’t care.

Sorry if I haven’t been updating the blog lately as I’ve been quite busy the past year (art related, mostly).

This year saw a number of simulcast dubs from Funimation, with questionable uh, scripts. Basically they’ve been kinda pandering to the SJW mindset while dissing their consumer base. The controversy started last year with the simulcast dub for Prison School (Are you one of the Gamergate creepos?). Luckily this was changed in the retail version of the show.

This year saw more of that with Maid Dragon and just recently Hajimete no Gal. I SHOULD be angry over this but in all honestly…

I just don’t care.

I don’t know really why. Possibly because I’m too old to be caring what the western market does these days in an age where SO MUCH ANIME IS BEING PRODUCED AND RELEASED. But mainly, I don’t pay attention to dubs….like at all.

The number of English language dubs I enjoy over the Japanese is very, VERY small.

Also my opinion is that what Funimation decides to do with the script is ultimately up to them. As someone who cares mainly for the original Japanese language version, the dub has little to no value to me.

What I DO care is the video quality.  Hence why I was SO angry over the release of Lucky Star on Blu-Ray (don’t think I’ve forgotten that). Strike Witches the movie has crummy quality from what I’ve heard too. But their recent releases have been fine from reports, which is all I care about in the moment. There’s still some Funimation releases I do plan to get in the future because they’re show I really love.

Thanks for understanding my position on the matter.

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Rantantrum: Six things the western fanbase needs to stop doing ASAP!

Sh-Shut up!You tell them Aya.

1.Stop complaining about Aniplex USA’s pricing. You want stuff like Kill La Kill and Nisekoi the SAME YEAR they aired on BD/DVD? Well then you’re going to have a pay a premium. Expensive? Yes but it’s still not as much as it would be in Japan. I know we’re used to anime is way cheaper here but still. Speaking of which…

2.Stop badmouthing U.S. anime companies. While nearly all have had hiccups, for the most part the U.S. companies have been doing a stellar job with anime releases ever since they’ve been able to price collected seasons correctly. MOST thing are on BD now and nearly everything that comes out in Japan gets licensed. And stop saying that the companies are only in it for the money. Listen, they BARELY make it as it is. Put up or Shut up. Seriously. You people really need to support some facet of the industry. BD/DVDs,  manga, figures. Stop being silent fans who ONLY enjoy anime through piracy. Speaking of which…

3.Stop worrying about what non anime fans think about your hobby. Listen, if you proved yourself to be a rational human being, isn’t that all that matters? Who cares if your room is littered with BD/DVDs, figures, books, posters, etc. Are you that paranoid about what your friends think about your hobby? You probably shouldn’t be around people who judge you like that anyway. Speaking of which…

4.Stop it with the social justice crap. Oh this one gets me pissed SO much because while there’s always been a criticism of anime for being “fetishistic”,  “sexist” or “misogynistic”, it’s really been in just the past couple of years that clamoring for Japan to change their tastes to suit western morals because god forbid anime being too “dangerously Japanese”. Speaking of which…

5.Can we kinda stop worrying about what shows are selling well in Japan? I know I’ve been guilty of being focused on the Japanese side of the industry and seeing what’s big sellers if only to see what possible shows are likely to get continuing seasons. Still, some of my favorite shows in the past several years have been things that didn’t really hit big with otaku such as Kanamemo and Love Lab. Just enjoy what you like and then support it if you can (if the show’s not available, I tend to go after artbooks). Sales numbers shouldn’t always dictate what direction the industry is heading. Speaking of which…

6. Please stop being all chicken little like and say that the industry (Japanese or domestic) is going to collapse at any moment. Look, while there’s been numerous companies that have had to close shop (Geneon & Bandai) or some that appear they’re about to go any moment (I’m looking at you Media Blasters), the truth is the industry has been in a stable flus. Yes, the period between 2008-2011 has been quite shaky ( recession, Geneon going out of business and brick and mortar stores carrying less anime are to blame mostly). I think it’s great that for the most part, nearly every shows that’s been coming out has been getting a U.S. release and not only that but old stuff that we thought would NEVER come out has such as the original Mazinger Z or rereleases of things too.

Phew, that was a lot of writing.


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Rantapocalypse: Savior of anime? I think not.


The actual saviour of anime.

Over the past few years but mostly this year, there;s been quite a bit of chatter over the notion that anime is need of being “saved”. What this usually entails is a something that will  become super huge in the west ala Cowboy Bebop. Remember how the anti-moe western fanbase were all gearing up for REDLINE to be the next Akira and look at how THAT turned out. The new anime that’s supposedly suppose to revitalize the western zeal of anime fans in the U.S. is Space Dandy, an anime that looks like a modern-day version of that laserdisc game Space Ace. and so obviously trying to pander (yes, I’m allowed to use that word here) to the western fanbase.

In all seriousness, is Space Dandy will NOT do anything of the sort. Even though it’s on Toonami, the era of watching anime on TV is more or less dead. Most SMART anime fans know what’s coming out in Japan and just DL crunchyroll rips (and in my ideal world, purchase the shows if and when they come out in here or if they have the $$$, get the Japanese releases).

Anime is doing just fine in Japan right now. No, I don’t want to hear about the panic of the declining population there. Even IF anime production is doomed, guess what, there are HUNDREDS of shows to look around for. You’re not obligated to watch the latest shows. The west will ALWAYS be an afterthought to the industry.

Also the notion that anime HAS to be for normal  er I mean casual people is absurd because I doubt they’ll be buying DVD/BD’s, books and figures. Otaku are obsessive for a reason.


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Ecchi education!



Those that complain about how fanservice, ecchi and/or just perversion is a recent thing and “ruining” anime should really spend some time on this site I linked above. It’ll prove that yes, fanservice has existed for quite some time in anime (try decades). Many old series have just as much ecchi (and in some cases, much more casual use of nudity) as modern anime. Of course there’s those in the western fanbase that like to make up history and pretend that anime was some sort of high art form that somehow got corrupted and use made up terms such as  “advanced capitalism”.


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Riddle me this.

Why is there no hype for the upcoming movie Hana no Utame Gothicmade by Five Star Stories’ Mamoru Nagano? For all the complaining that there’s too much moe/fanservice and not enough sci-fi/mecha/fantasy, I’ve not seen ANYONE from the western fanbase have interest in this. They sure hyped the hell out of REDLINE (and gee,  look at how well THAT turned out).

The thing is, I’m quite interested in how this turns out. I’ve first heard about this from what I want to say was 2006-07 (latest would have been 2008). While yes, us moe otaku have been glad for the likes of the K-On! movie and I highly await the releases of the Strike Witches and the second Nanoha movie, it’s quite a rarity to see something like this come out. Mamoru Nagano  being quite the perfectionist, is handling nearly everything for this production. I’m sure if it were up to him, he’d voice the characters too (ok just kidding, still).

Take a look: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=10099

Now here’s another thing, I have practically no idea what the plot of this film is or if it is even connect to the Five Star Stories universe. Either way, I’m excited for it.


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Rant time: The “it was good DESPITE the fanservice” argument.

This is considered terrible to the western fandom.

Have you ever read an anime review that has this near cliché phrase “this anime was good despite the fanservice”? I’ve seen this used more times than I care to remember. It’s lazy for the reviewer to think ecchi scenes as something that’s bad and placed there only to distract the viewer. Why does a show have to be considered bad just because it has fanservice? I’ve seen numerous anime that I’ve ONLY enjoyed for the fanservice but lacking in other areas . That’s not to say I’m shallow (ok, sometimes I can be) but I think a show that specifically has fanservice appeal should be reviewed on the merit of how well the fanservice is presented. Kyoani for example chooses to used fanservice in very subtle ways, while Xebec and Feel chooses to reveal in it. Both approaches are perfectly fine because each studios knows how to properly handle it.

Fanservice and good production values were the only thing going for Asobi ni Iku Yo!

I want people to start reviewing anime on the basis of how well done the fanservice of an anime is done and not as something that ruins a show. If you’re the type that hates fanservice yet still reviews anime, then maybe you shouldn’t be watching it. Learn to live with the notion that this is another aspect of anime that doesn’t need to be removed to be enjoyed.


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Fake fans for Madoka Magica.

You know that I’m a huge Madoka Magica fan. Many anime fans are in fact.

But the problem are those (mostly the western fanbase, gee what a surprise) who are got into the show because of adjectives like dark or deconstruction. Many of these are the type that are praising studio SHAFT and Akiyuki Shinbo but are the same type who’d turn up their nose at the studio’s other work (like Hidamari Sketch) or worse, say that the studio and director are killing the anime industry with otaku fan pandering (there’s THAT word again).

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy Madoka for it’s serious elements but the main draw for Madoka originally was a.the studio, b.the director and c.Ume Aoki’s character designs. While many in the western fanbase have bought the anime, they’ll never really be what I’d consider true fans for it. They’ll never buy the figures. They’ll never look at fanart/doujins. They most certainly never truly have feelings of MOE for the characters.


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Dear Western Fanbase: Anime is not your avatar for addressing social issues.

Don’t make Kirino angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

I’m usually the type not to rant about someone unless it stays in my mind for a while. For the past month, I’m been seeing more than the usual pseudo-intellectual babbling from the western fanbase.

This has got me thinking, I know I’ve said that stuff like Cowboy Bebop and REDLINE is what the western fandom wants more of, which is true but when I see rantings about evils of otaku pandering, so-called misogyny in anime/manga and treatment of gay characters, I’ve now come to the true conclusion towhat they REALLY want. They want anime/manga that addresses social issues.

Look, just because you’ve seen a handful anime/manga that does address various social issues, doesn’t mean that the entirety of the medium is meant for that, nor should it. Now, truth be told, I don’t actually have a problem with anime/manga that does examine various problems of the world, but my thing is I’m not looking for it. If it happens to appear in a title I like, then that’s cool. While I did appreciate Wandering Son for having crossdressing characters be done in a more realistic light, I was mainly watching it for the art and yes, shota traps/reverse traps. However, those in the western fandom would look at this and say something like “finally, an anime that doesn’t make gays/lesbians into a fetish object”. Same notion goes for Princess Jellyfish which to me is in that category of “was good enough to watch once, but I don’t need to see it again” (I REALLY hated the other female characters except the main one) but to many in the western fandom, it was seen as the best anime of 2010 (really now?) while poo-pooing Oreimo for being”otaku panding crap”

The western fanbase likes to use anime/manga as a means of political activism, forgetting (more like flat out ignoring) that in Japan, these shows/comics are rarely used like that (except for the most pretentious types. I’m looking at you “I wish Japan would be flooded” Hayao Miyazaki). Yaoi manga is NOT a meant for gay activism. In fact, the term “fujoshi” meaning “rotten women” which is meant to imply that she thinks she is SO rotten for enjoying that type of manga. Same goes for Otaku, meaning “in one’s home”, to imply that the person is SO engrossed with his/her hobby that they don’t care about the rest of the world. Yet the fandom here continues to over analyze, over examine stuff that just is meant to be fun. Like lovely fanservice!

Ugh, the western fandom sure pisses me off sometimes. Rant over.


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Lulz of the western fanbase.

One episode in, and certain people are already poo-pooping Upotte!! for things like “sexualizing young girls” and “glamorizing assault rifles” along with other nonsense. Really western fanbase? You complain about this stuff and then wonder why Japan ignores you and “panders” to their core otaku buyers.


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The Secret Guardian.

Cybernetics Guardian was a 1989 OVA directed by Koichi Ohata (only WORKED on M.D. Geist but didn’t actually direct it until the second one). I was rewatching it and came to the notion that I’m kinda surprised this is totally ignored in the west. Japan I can understand because M.D. Geist nor Genocyber weren’t popular but in the west where anime made a name for itself as being hyper violent and  sex filled, this fits right in (at least in the violent department, but not much). Actually, the OVA feels light a two-hour movie that was cut down to 45 minutes. Still, this contains many of the things anime fans want in anime.


-Hellhole cyberpunk setting clearly inspired by Akira (even the city is called Cancer).

-Nudity (minor though).

-Highly detailed art with realistic character designs (limited animation though).



-Non existent plot (because now apparently REDLINE is the high watermark for anime storytelling for some).

You’d think with these things I listed that it’d be a cult classic of anime but today it’s totally forgotten and  can be had for like $5 since it’s an OOP DVD by CPM.

Hey, if things like this were still popular, Ohata-san would be doing more stuff like this instead of fanservice + fighting anime (gee, I thought he hated moe).



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