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Five Good Things About Fiveman

Fiveman title

Chikyū Sentai Fiveman is the 1990 entry in the LONG running Super Sentai series. It also happens to be one of the most disliked entries in the franchise and is blamed for almost killing it.  I’m not going to defend the entirety of it since I found the twelve subbed episodes I watched to be quite bland (it does pretty much what many other sentai shows do, just not as imaginative).  There are couple of merits I do actually like about the show.

Fiveman hoverstar

1. The opening theme is very catchy. I just love the way it melodically sounds, especially the part that goes “Wow Wow Wow Wow My Brother. Wow Wow Wow Wow My Sister”. Overall the OST and BGM is pretty good as well (Turboranger still has the best Vocal OST though). Too bad that hovercraft in the OP didn’t actually show up the episodes I saw.

Fiveman OP

2.The suit designs. I love the aesthetic the chose here. With the lines representing their age (Red is the oldest, Yellow the youngest). The forehead also denotes their teacher occupation and what subject they teach. Speaking of which.

Fiverobo cockpit

3. I’m sure some will find this aspect corny but I LOVE the fact that they’re all teachers. Red-Science, Blue-Physical Education, Black-Language, Pink-Math and Yellow-Music.

Kaiju History 1990 Fiveman 03

4. Instead of the monster of the week growing, they baddies dispatch a giant robot called Gorlin (looks like the Michelin Man), absorbs the DNA of the monster so that it will resemble said monster. Bonus points for SOME originality.

5. Remi Hoshikawa. She’s so awesome. A music teacher who also knows kung fu. In an episode when a monster makes all the water into alcohol, she decides to make herself even DRUNKER to use the drunken boxing technique. She even aged pretty gracefully when she showed up in Gokaiger.

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Heavy Armor Qi Palace from Dairanger (or as I knew it for much of my life, Thunder Ultrazord). The toy for this is HUGE!

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The Lesson: Take care of your sentai toys and they’ll protect the world.

As you can probably tell by many of the recent drawings posted here, I’ve been getting back in super sentai (I was huge into it in the 90’s/early 00’s). While I’m mostly into the older shows like from the 80’s and 90’s (something about that grainy low-grade film and models for transformation scenes is something I feel has kinda been lost on the modern ones). Anyway, I decided to watch the recent crossover movie (those tend to be really fun since they like to show off more action than the usual offerings).  This one was Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Grand Battle. It was unexpectedly awesome. Pretty much EVERY ranger was shown plus every of each sentai’s main robot.

But what really got to me was two scenes where original Popy (Bandai’s subsidiary back in the 70’s to early 80’s) diecast toys of Daidenjin (Denjiman’s main robot) and Variburoon (Goranger’s weird dog/cat vehicle. They didn’t have an actual robot). I just liked the special message of taking care of your toys and they’ll protect the world someday. I found that sweet (and hilarious of course due to the blatant commercialism theme).

I recommend this if you want to get into sentai or were a lapsed fan and want to see what the modern sentai offerings are.

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More mecha I find nostalgic.

Dairenoh aka Thunder Megazord.

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Oh my!

Another semi-nostalgic design I like from the 90’s. This is Oh Blocker from Ohranger, better known as Super Zeo Megazord on Power Rangers Zeo. Once again, I chose to do watercolors for this as the only digital thing I did with it was made the background white so it didn’t have that watercolor paper texture.


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