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Christmas & Cooking!


Has pretty much what I want in a show.

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Even more Monogatari!


Hopefully, the rumors I’ve heard of Mayoi’s return are true.

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It’s like Mirai if done by SHAFT!

Kyoko Okitegami


I hope this ends up being a new series from SHAFT. That girl looks like a real cutie.

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More fake love!



I enjoyed it. Wasn’t SHAFT’s best but hey, more Seishirou is never a bad thing.


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Cooking with SHAFT!


Holy Shit am I pumped for this show.

Cute girls + food + SHAFT = best thing ever!

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Happy Cooking Graffiti 

Not only will this be moe girls doing cooking, but it’ll be animated by SHAFT. Coming in winter 2015.

Also this is post #555!


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When the healing hurts.


Well, it finally aired. The Hiro & Sae graduation episode for Hidamari Sketch. The feeling is definitely bittersweet, not only for the senior girls graduating but that this might be the last Hidamari anime we’ll see (the manga of course is continuing). Remember that Hidamari first aired in 2007! It’s been around for quite sometime and outlasted many other shows with similar premises. I’m glad to see that SHAFT gave the series the love and care it deserves.


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I will not cry! I will not cry! I will not cry!

Grabs tissues.

No, not for THAT activity!

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Bittersweet Sketch!




NOOOOOOOO! I want them to graduate all together!

Joking of course but seriously this might be one of the most tear inducing things to come up.

Just in time for Hiro & Sae’s figma releases too!

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Shinbo is once again loving his work I see.

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