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Deck the halls with nostalgia balls.

THIRTY YEARS! (More like 29 if you want to get technical). Anyway Mindwipe is awesome.

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Go Go Golion Chogokin!



After many years of hearing rumors of it coming, the long wait is finally over. Bandai is finally going to release a fully combing Soul of Chogokin Golion. Beast King Golion you know by now is the show that adapted into Voltron Defender of the Universe.


Now of course I won’t be able to acquire this (damn my Idolm@ster and Love Live addiction). Not like I’d be able to as preorders for this have sold out already. The price while high, it’s AS bad I thought it be.


What I like is while certain things are present such as modern articulation and more accurate details, it’s essentially like the original DX Chogokin from 1981. Granted this isn’t going to have eye gouging missiles but it updates the parts that only needed to be and doesn’t try to over stylize like many of the high end Voltron toys that have been coming out the past decade.

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In God Sigma We Trust!



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New NTR Radio logo will make you cringe with pain and nostalgia.


What is this a reference to? Oh, just this.

Anyone who are around my generation will surely remember this and how it made you wince in pain at how loud it was with the way it held on to that SINGLE note at the end AND yet also give you memories of your childhood. Isn’t nostalgia funny like that? This always preceded the intro to the Transformers VHS tapes I use to rent from my local video rental place and Blockbuster.

I can’t believe how long it took me to come up with such a simple yet brilliant idea. Just as that f.h.e. logo brought you pain, so too will NTR Radio.

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Zeta Male.



A fairly excellent figure of one of my favorite Gundam designs. Doesn’t transform but honestly it’d be a waste to try an engineer such a complicated transformation on a small figure (like they did on the MSIA 2.0). Also can finally hold the Hyper Mega Launcher without any issues.

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Oh-gee, Oh-yeah!



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NTR Radio Episode # 23: Kids Who Don’t Think Space is Cool Grow Up To Be Serial Killers


Note: Don’t mind the clicking noises in the background. I was playing with Transformer.

P.S. The Potato Knishes song I was talking about.

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From A to Zeorymer.



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Play both at the same time.



Edit:I can’t seem to embed the videos, so just go an open up a tab for each link and have fun.

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Pouring salt in the wounds of the old time mecha fans.

The original

The new  moe-ized version.

Try to play BOTH at the same time for more fun.


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