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Aki got a career change and breast upgrade!

Aki's-career-changeAfter graduating from high school, Aki decided to get a career change, so she went into the train service. Since she’s not swimming anymore, fat was able to accumulate in her breasts.

Yeah, I’m going with that story. 😀

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It’s not like I wanted to post or anything like that.

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It’s no secret that tsundere archetypes are quite popular. The thing is when most people who even know what a tsundere are, they’re thinking of the most extreme and violent examples. I’ve read posts about people wanting a tsundere girlfriend, only to be responded to saying “What, why do you what a sociopath as a girlfriend?”

The thing is while I love tsunderes, I’m much more into the non-violent,” law and order” type rather than what I just described above. To me, it’s the most adorable thing when a girl who wants to follow the rules so hard, has a tough time expressing her true feelings. Like for example, how Azusa wanted the other members of the Afterschool Tea Time to practice and not goof around but she still stayed with them to enjoy cake and tea.

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I also adore wealthy tsunderes for the same reason above. Again, it’s this whole notion that they have to appear to be better than other but really they want to get along with everyone and share in the fun. Tsunderes are great for the whole manzai routine since they get to be the straight man while the genki/cloudcuckoolander  character is the funny man.

The only violent tsundere I like is Kirino Kousaka of Oreimo, who honestly isn’t even that violent. Ayase isn’t a tsundere or yandere, she’s just a bitch, plain and simple.


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I’m very happy with how this came out.


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I’m going to LOVE this!

Yes! Pander to meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Call of the tsundere.

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Cute tsundere, stuck in a boring show.

Mind you, I’ll continue to watch Hyouka but certainly not for the mystery aspect of the show. Nuts to that, just give me more Eru and Mayaka.

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