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Last blast of summer.


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I want no teenage queen, just my M14.

Ichiyon happens to be both.

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Look all that fanservice!

Oh wait…

That’s more like it!


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You now have the right to bare arms.


Upotte!! man! The other shows I don’t care about.


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NTR Radio Gaiden #1: “To Thigh-High Stockings And Striped Panties”

A  “side story” episode where we hear what Timeenforceranubis thought of Anime Boston. Plus the shit storm from the western fanbase about Upotte!! and make fun of Kids on the Slope. Plus, what out personal harem would be.


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Watch out lolicons!

This loli is packing heat!

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Lulz of the western fanbase.

One episode in, and certain people are already poo-pooping Upotte!! for things like “sexualizing young girls” and “glamorizing assault rifles” along with other nonsense. Really western fanbase? You complain about this stuff and then wonder why Japan ignores you and “panders” to their core otaku buyers.


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Up Up and Away!

Wow! Upotte!! man. If not the anime fo the season, definitely the fanservice show of the season. I knew Xebec would pull through.

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