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Rantantrum: Six things the western fanbase needs to stop doing ASAP!

Sh-Shut up!You tell them Aya.

1.Stop complaining about Aniplex USA’s pricing. You want stuff like Kill La Kill and Nisekoi the SAME YEAR they aired on BD/DVD? Well then you’re going to have a pay a premium. Expensive? Yes but it’s still not as much as it would be in Japan. I know we’re used to anime is way cheaper here but still. Speaking of which…

2.Stop badmouthing U.S. anime companies. While nearly all have had hiccups, for the most part the U.S. companies have been doing a stellar job with anime releases ever since they’ve been able to price collected seasons correctly. MOST thing are on BD now and nearly everything that comes out in Japan gets licensed. And stop saying that the companies are only in it for the money. Listen, they BARELY make it as it is. Put up or Shut up. Seriously. You people really need to support some facet of the industry. BD/DVDs,  manga, figures. Stop being silent fans who ONLY enjoy anime through piracy. Speaking of which…

3.Stop worrying about what non anime fans think about your hobby. Listen, if you proved yourself to be a rational human being, isn’t that all that matters? Who cares if your room is littered with BD/DVDs, figures, books, posters, etc. Are you that paranoid about what your friends think about your hobby? You probably shouldn’t be around people who judge you like that anyway. Speaking of which…

4.Stop it with the social justice crap. Oh this one gets me pissed SO much because while there’s always been a criticism of anime for being “fetishistic”,  “sexist” or “misogynistic”, it’s really been in just the past couple of years that clamoring for Japan to change their tastes to suit western morals because god forbid anime being too “dangerously Japanese”. Speaking of which…

5.Can we kinda stop worrying about what shows are selling well in Japan? I know I’ve been guilty of being focused on the Japanese side of the industry and seeing what’s big sellers if only to see what possible shows are likely to get continuing seasons. Still, some of my favorite shows in the past several years have been things that didn’t really hit big with otaku such as Kanamemo and Love Lab. Just enjoy what you like and then support it if you can (if the show’s not available, I tend to go after artbooks). Sales numbers shouldn’t always dictate what direction the industry is heading. Speaking of which…

6. Please stop being all chicken little like and say that the industry (Japanese or domestic) is going to collapse at any moment. Look, while there’s been numerous companies that have had to close shop (Geneon & Bandai) or some that appear they’re about to go any moment (I’m looking at you Media Blasters), the truth is the industry has been in a stable flus. Yes, the period between 2008-2011 has been quite shaky ( recession, Geneon going out of business and brick and mortar stores carrying less anime are to blame mostly). I think it’s great that for the most part, nearly every shows that’s been coming out has been getting a U.S. release and not only that but old stuff that we thought would NEVER come out has such as the original Mazinger Z or rereleases of things too.

Phew, that was a lot of writing.


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So Redline saved anime huh?


There’s the legacy of the western fanbase/anti-moe brigade’s anime messiah folks. It’s almost beautiful to see how spectacularly it crashed and burned not just in Japan (like I knew it would), but here in the U.S. too. Still available years later on BD/DVD and marked down to ridiculously low prices.. Meanwhile for all the whining about the prices for Aniplex’s anime,  the first two Madoka Magica movies are completely sold out.


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Buying stuff you like is BAD!?


Consumerism is evil! Am I right?

If there’s one thing I’ve encountered from the western fanbase that’s baffled me more than anything, it their anti-consumerist attitude towards it. It’s almost as if they think anime is produced in a vacuum that just magically appears for them to take but not give.

Unlike the Japanese fanbase, I’ve noticed the western fanbase has a complete aversion to the notion that what they’re watching is designed to sell them something. I bring up this topic because lately many have a disdain for Gundam Build Fighters because of its blatant gunpla product placement.  I don’t see how this is any different that the majority of mecha anime that’s been produced over the decades (especially that of TV anime). I’m loving Gundam Build Fighters for this very reason. It’s finally the type of robot show I enjoy greatly; the hyper commercialized product placement anime that makes you feel like you’re a kid again!

I just don’t see why a show being a  half hour commercial is necessarily a bad thing. Did these people not grow up in the 80’s when the majority of cartoons were designed to do just that. Was seeing Optimus Prime turn into a cool truck and then asking your mommy to buy you a toy of it so horrible? Now of course I know the show or its characters have to engage you more than anything otherwise in my mind it’s failed to sell you its product. Today’s anime is no different from that of the past when it comes to this. Instead of watching that cool robot do cool shit in which you then bug your parents to buy you its toy, you now seek out to buy a figure of your favorite moe character. Otaku seem to understand this concept very well. Still, there’s of course there’s that VERY vocal minority who think anime has to only be art with DEEP plot and COMPLEX REALISTIC characters because they so want there to be an anime equivalent of something like Breaking Bad. Right?


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Hey the Other Side….


Remember this?

Usuzumi Hatsumi

Is this evil too, right?


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Oh the western fanbase is going to hate this one.


Which means I enjoyed its first episode more or less. Imocho (short for Recently, my sister is unusual) is basically OniAi 2.0 with a large breasted angel who looks like Yayoi of Idolm@ster.

Thanks for the Japandering!

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Rantapocalypse: Savior of anime? I think not.


The actual saviour of anime.

Over the past few years but mostly this year, there;s been quite a bit of chatter over the notion that anime is need of being “saved”. What this usually entails is a something that will  become super huge in the west ala Cowboy Bebop. Remember how the anti-moe western fanbase were all gearing up for REDLINE to be the next Akira and look at how THAT turned out. The new anime that’s supposedly suppose to revitalize the western zeal of anime fans in the U.S. is Space Dandy, an anime that looks like a modern-day version of that laserdisc game Space Ace. and so obviously trying to pander (yes, I’m allowed to use that word here) to the western fanbase.

In all seriousness, is Space Dandy will NOT do anything of the sort. Even though it’s on Toonami, the era of watching anime on TV is more or less dead. Most SMART anime fans know what’s coming out in Japan and just DL crunchyroll rips (and in my ideal world, purchase the shows if and when they come out in here or if they have the $$$, get the Japanese releases).

Anime is doing just fine in Japan right now. No, I don’t want to hear about the panic of the declining population there. Even IF anime production is doomed, guess what, there are HUNDREDS of shows to look around for. You’re not obligated to watch the latest shows. The west will ALWAYS be an afterthought to the industry.

Also the notion that anime HAS to be for normal  er I mean casual people is absurd because I doubt they’ll be buying DVD/BD’s, books and figures. Otaku are obsessive for a reason.


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NTR Radio Episode # 22: Wall-to-Wall STUFF


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Calling out the crap!



Wow man, just wow! I assume the one that wrote that question probably just looked at a Megami magazine scan and said “yep, fanservice crap” without actually watching the show.

Luckily Timeenforcer Anubis was there to set them straight.

And people don’t people the Anti-moe brigade is real.

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NTR Radio Episode # 21: Let’s Talk About REAL Problems


Also check out this article TE Anubis wrote.


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Definitely the best!

Definitely the best

This show gives the western fanbase one big fat middle finger.

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