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The now well known one “Coffee vs Green Tea” got a copyright strike. Sorry but I decided to remove ALL of my youtube videos just to be on the safe side.

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Here we go again. One down, eight more to go.

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Five Good Things About Fiveman

Fiveman title

Chikyū Sentai Fiveman is the 1990 entry in the LONG running Super Sentai series. It also happens to be one of the most disliked entries in the franchise and is blamed for almost killing it.  I’m not going to defend the entirety of it since I found the twelve subbed episodes I watched to be quite bland (it does pretty much what many other sentai shows do, just not as imaginative).  There are couple of merits I do actually like about the show.

Fiveman hoverstar

1. The opening theme is very catchy. I just love the way it melodically sounds, especially the part that goes “Wow Wow Wow Wow My Brother. Wow Wow Wow Wow My Sister”. Overall the OST and BGM is pretty good as well (Turboranger still has the best Vocal OST though). Too bad that hovercraft in the OP didn’t actually show up the episodes I saw.

Fiveman OP

2.The suit designs. I love the aesthetic the chose here. With the lines representing their age (Red is the oldest, Yellow the youngest). The forehead also denotes their teacher occupation and what subject they teach. Speaking of which.

Fiverobo cockpit

3. I’m sure some will find this aspect corny but I LOVE the fact that they’re all teachers. Red-Science, Blue-Physical Education, Black-Language, Pink-Math and Yellow-Music.

Kaiju History 1990 Fiveman 03

4. Instead of the monster of the week growing, they baddies dispatch a giant robot called Gorlin (looks like the Michelin Man), absorbs the DNA of the monster so that it will resemble said monster. Bonus points for SOME originality.

5. Remi Hoshikawa. She’s so awesome. A music teacher who also knows kung fu. In an episode when a monster makes all the water into alcohol, she decides to make herself even DRUNKER to use the drunken boxing technique. She even aged pretty gracefully when she showed up in Gokaiger.

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Small Spring Anime Haul.


Sorry for the lack of updates on this blog. I’ve been quite busy for the past several months (both producing art and Type-1 diabetes related). Most of the time I just post on twitter these days.

Anyway, here’s a small haul I got yesterday. I don’t buy as much anime as I use to so it usually has to be something I REALLY enjoyed in order to support the release. Also I’ve been marathoning Super Sentai like crazy for the past two months so there’s that.

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Anzu Arrives!



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Deck the halls with nostalgia balls.

THIRTY YEARS! (More like 29 if you want to get technical). Anyway Mindwipe is awesome.

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Collection Complete!

Finally completely all of the original Love Live! figma. Plus I have room for LL! Sunshine!! Yeah I know, I’m a sucker for idols.

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Sorry for the lack of updates to this blog as I post more on twitter than here but this was important to me personally so it goes here.

While not really a regular series (or a movie), at least it’s SOMETHING!! Looks on par with the Puchimas shorts.

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Go Go Golion Chogokin!


After many years of hearing rumors of it coming, the long wait is finally over. Bandai is finally going to release a fully combing Soul of Chogokin Golion. Beast King Golion you know by now is the show that adapted into Voltron Defender of the Universe.


Now of course I won’t be able to acquire this (damn my Idolm@ster and Love Live addiction). Not like I’d be able to as preorders for this have sold out already. The price while high, it’s AS bad I thought it be.


What I like is while certain things are present such as modern articulation and more accurate details, it’s essentially like the original DX Chogokin from 1981. Granted this isn’t going to have eye gouging missiles but it updates the parts that only needed to be and doesn’t try to over stylize like many of the high end Voltron toys that have been coming out the past decade.

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